1. count duckula

    TopLED Mars II 1200w - FWIW

    For what it's worth... I got the Mars II 1200w several months back and have just completed its first use. This light kicks so much ass! If and when I can come up with more $, I'll be ordering another one. It's a little warm but with proper ventilation, you should have no...
  2. Nine44

    Completed Ak-47 - LED - DWC

    Starting a grow journal for this little girl. I call her Akela She began her life with the death of my first two grows which resulted in males. What strain is it? ak47 autoflower Is it Indica...
  3. D

    Abandoned LED Tent Grow - Shaolin Style RDWC

    Hey there 420 Magazine! Hope this post finds you well AND well medicated : ) I'm a virgin at this so please ready gently. I have been taking pics and vids of my first ever grow at 55 years old. I have followed a few YouTubers and have spent many, many hours here on 420mag a a lurker. Saw...
  4. D

    Abandoned DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada OG #18 - 6.5L Pots- 400W Mars 2 LED - 185W True Useage

    Hey 420mag! This mini-grow is mainly to 'preview' what the buds of a bigger grow (using the same genetics) will look like at harvest. Its my first time with LEDs after 18 months of hps. Reason for switch is purely in search for higher quality bud! I recently purchased 3* 400w Mars 2...
  5. E

    Abandoned My First Grow - Indoor - Soil - CFL - Bag Seed

    Hello dear 420 mag members! This is my very first ever grow, so bear with me coz I'm excited as u can understand:thumb: So I've been reading ALOT here, completed and in-progress journals, wanna thank some journal owners that inspired me and made me understand and learn lots of new things...
  6. Away

    Completed Away's First Grow - DIY Closet Grow - TopLED Mars II 80x5 - 2014

    Hi guys, thanks for stopping by my journal.. :Namaste: This is going to be my first grow I've read alot around this forum for a long time, checked out a load of journals, also on youtube but that is all the experience i have so be patient, i am still learning A LOT! :-) In this journal i'm...
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