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  1. DeltaTango

    Strange goings on with how the stem is growing

    Whats going on with this plant its first leaves from seed one was damaged so maybe stress? Will it flower ok? Any opinions any one please ?
  2. TheKindWay

    The Kind Way

    Hi 420 Mag & Readers! I'm a medical grower in Missouri and excited to represent a kind way of life. Here I am with the main cola from an August 2020 harvest of Moby Dick. Grown in a soil mix, 4x4tent, with a medium grade light. I'm excited to start a new journal documenting...
  3. Ruff303

    Have I fimmed poorly

    Hi guys fimmed these about a week ago , some come round well but two are behind and two not bushes out ? Have took to much and topped two ?
  4. Topped - June 13th 2020

    Topped - June 13th 2020

  5. aussiebuddy

    Aussie First Time Grow

    Hello Everyone, First time caller, long time listener. I have just setup a 5x5 tent inside my house. I'm looking to grow enough to keep myself satisfied. Quality is the goal, not trying to blow the budget either. I don't know much about growing anything - its a steep learning curve. I just...
  6. Bubble Gum Clone

    Bubble Gum Clone

    Topped female bubble gum on 27/12/19.
  7. Topping


  8. also taken from top n topped

    also taken from top n topped

  9. K

    Rooting topped or fimmed cuttings?

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking if trying to clone topped cuttings is a good idea and if someone here has done it? I did a little bit of searching and couldn't find anything about it, but maybe someone here could help me. In the beginning I thought maybe is not being done because the plant...
  10. IMG_3854.JPG


    Gelato topped and super cropped, week 11 flowering
  11. received_2349199125340036.jpeg


    My first grow
  12. 2D971186-FC0F-46B8-8808-537C65B2A926.jpeg


    Topped Clone
  13. 8905229D-A262-40F3-B6F5-EA376AD0AA12.jpeg


    Northern Lights, DopeSeeds, LST, topped, FIM’d
  14. 20190107_184801.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 After getting trimmed up January 8 2019 Day 21 in puggs closet
  15. 20190102_165741.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Another close up January 2 2019 Day 15 in puggs closet Day 9 since topping
  16. 20190102_165749.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Side view January 2 2019 Day 15 in puggs closet Day 9 since topping
  17. 20190102_165805.jpg


    Critical + 2.0 Top view January 2 2019 Day 15 in puggs closet Day 9 since topping
  18. 36320656_2127142414280890_6711553464255643648_n.jpg


    Topped second node
  19. All tucked in against the cold.JPG

    All tucked in against the cold.JPG

    Topped Untrained Auto Ultimate and Euphoria
  20. M

    Crop King Seeds Crown Royal SCROG

    CKS - Crown Royal 70% indica Blueberry x purple kush Im very impressed with the durability of this plant no matter how much I topped or lst it came back. It has grown to this point without any issues and has handles high stress training well. The aroma is very unique and hard to explain...
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