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    Topped second node
  2. All tucked in against the cold.JPG

    All tucked in against the cold.JPG

    Topped Untrained Auto Ultimate and Euphoria
  3. M

    Crop King Seeds Crown Royal SCROG

    CKS - Crown Royal 70% indica Blueberry x purple kush Im very impressed with the durability of this plant no matter how much I topped or lst it came back. It has grown to this point without any issues and has handles high stress training well. The aroma is very unique and hard to explain...
  4. DaddyKush

    Topping & Pinching

    I've always been under the impression that only the central part of the plant can be topped (and topped multiple times) to produce two new bud-producing shoots every time. I read somewhere today that even the side branches can be topped to produce two new shoots. Is this true? Has anyone ever...
  5. T

    I muched up one of my ladies!

    Hi guys, This is my first grow and it seems to be going fairly well. But there has been a little hiccup along the way. I went to top one of them and I slipped and damaged one of the nodes. :( How much damage is this going to cost this plant? Is this gonna cost me the whole plant? Or am I just...
  6. D

    Gonna call it Trippi Double Dragon

    So this is an update on the "seedling topped itself" and "the seedling that topped itself has one side triploid?" it has gotten used to being back ouside it is really starting to do its took a few lst sessions to get the short side to catch up..but now it has caught up and im...
  7. D

    Seedling topped itself

    Whats up fam! So i started a random strain seed and i had it outdoors for about 2 it is inside under a led to make sure it gets propper light because i really want to see what it does..this is just an experiment grow to test the led and soil..i think the nutes in the soil stunted it...
  8. Pakkman223

    Help! not sure about this fan leaf.

    I had topped about almost a week ago new growth is seen to Be coming in. But I may have hurt one of the fan leaves growing since I micro topped. You can see from where I circled that the fan leaf is not growing but the fan leaf on the opposite side is thriving. And from where the topping...
  9. Pakkman223

    Topped the newest and smallest growth

    2 days ago I topped the newest and smallest growth which left two fan leaves still to grow like in picture #1 but one seems to be falling behind. Did I damage it? And in picture #2 what diffidency do you think my plants have!
  10. P

    Is it possible a plant can have to colas without topping it?

    My plant has had two colas from the seedling. I have never topped the plant. I have never seen a plant grow with 2 colas right off the start. The strain is an ak47. Is this usual for the plant to have 2.
  11. T

    My fisrt plant

    So heres my first plant i think shes doing alright for a first . i was moveing it the other day and i accedently topped one branch :( should i top the other 2 main branches?
  12. T

    First plant! Had a little accident

    So heres my first plant i think shes doing alright for a first . i was moveing it the other day and i accedently topped one branch :( should i top the other 2 main branches?
  13. S

    Topping gone wrong! Help!

    Hi all Looking for some advice from people with experience topping. My friend asked a few weeks ago about topping, I explained the principles but I later found out he "HAS HAD A GO" at it himself without the wounders of the Internet. Basically I orphaned the plant and am wondering if...
  14. R

    Topped Autoflower?

    I topped my autos. I have read that it is not a good idea to top autos because of the short veg period, did I decrease my yield by a crap load? Live and learn I guess.
  15. J

    Branches growing weird

    Hey I have a plant a few weeks into veg maybe 4, topped twice so there's 4 tops. Two of the tops are growing good but the other side is falling behind. I tried moving the lights around and got more light on her now. I took all the branches off under where I topped. I fed some miracle grow...
  16. M

    Any advice?

    Just looking at what my options should be at this stage 24 days veg and topped once already and is this dang plant a female????
  17. S

    seedling topped itself

    Just curious if this is common, this seedling topped itself and now it has 5 tops that i can see im not complaining haha just wondering.:thumb:
  18. Kundal1n1

    Stems turning dark after topping

    Hi there. I have topped one of my plants earlier this week and about a day after or so I noticed the stems below where I topped them have turned a dark color, a dark purple even. Now I topped two plants and only one of them showed signs like this. The other ones stems are just green. Any idea as...
  19. M

    First Grow - Day 17 Of Flowering For My Auto Blueberry - Any & All Advice Welcome

    She has also been topped and slight Lst.
  20. EventHorizon

    Haze Xtreme Warning

    So I bought the Haze Xtreme awhile back without much warning as to how tall the plant actually grows and stretches. I've seen this plant get 10 feet TOPPED outdoors on youtube videos. Maybe place some kind of indoor/outdoor strain advisory on your site? I had to kill my double topped plant...