1. Dwc tote closet

    Dwc tote closet

    Almost ready
  2. GH nutes and feed schedule

    GH nutes and feed schedule

    For my dwc tote
  3. 14 gallon Sterlite for DWC

    14 gallon Sterlite for DWC

    Waiting on net pots and clay pebbles, cant seem to find them in town
  4. IMG_0430.jpg


    30 gal tote I use for soil
  5. BTzGrow

    A Micro Grower's Clone & Seedling Box & Cloning Efforts

    So I have a current grow going from a single seed and have not idea what I'm going to get. Supposedly it's Skywalker OG. Anyway I was checking some youtube vids out and stumbled across a couple on how to use cloning to do early sexing. The idea comes with making a cutting and pushing it into...
  6. B

    36 gallon tote grow

    Forced from the closet to a set of totes.... Trying to add pics... Not sure how.
  7. Ian Bastage

    Plan For Undercurrent RWDC In 2x4

    I have started 'the buy' for my Undercurrent RDWC DIY build. Using 3 x 45L/12 gal totes from Home Despot — two as grow buckets inside the 2x4x7 tent with the res outside. All will be wrapped with foil-backed insulation. To maintain decent water depth (est 22 gal total) I have to use 3 ½...
  8. JustMeds

    Quad12 JustMeds RDWC Build

    This a quick visual list of the things I am using. I plan to keep this updated until this build is complete. Explanations/Testings and such will be carried out throughout the thread as they come up. This is the tote I am using. Inside of tote. Tote with hole cut for Net Pot...
  9. Botani

    Browning on bud leaves

    I'm somewhat of a new grower and I never experienced this before. I did do a lot of reading and they say this problem could be anything from nute deficiency to bud rot and please say its not bud rot lol. -I am using dutch nutrient formula 2 part a and b -the res is a 10 gallon tote and I have 4...
  10. zacmac

    Completed Plastic Tote Grow

    What strain is it? Dead head og x2, Afghan og, L.A. Chocolate Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid. What percentages? Varies Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg If in Veg... For how long? sprouted March 28/2016 If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Tote Soil or Hydro...
  11. D

    Air Pump Size or Recommendations? For (12) 27 Gallon RDWC

    Hello all, and thank you for your help it is much needed xD. I am wanting to start a hydro greenhouse, with RDWC. I am planning on 12 plants in the greenhouse, i am looking at 27 - 30 gallon tote for ea plant. I am a COMPLETE NEWB and thinking the larger totes will allow larger growth? And...
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