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  1. B

    36 gallon tote grow

    Forced from the closet to a set of totes.... Trying to add pics... Not sure how.
  2. C

    First time growing

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share some pics of my first grow. Grew these with CFL's then switched to 1000 watt HPS three days ago for flowering. They are Somango XL grown in a mixture of soils in 17 gallon totes. I have two plant in two of the totes that I divided in half to keep roots separated...
  3. tkm953

    TKM's Outdoor Grow 2016

    Strains-Ghost train Haze, cherry Hash Plant East Coast Cookie Wreck Oregon Greens All are Hybrids I will look up the percentages later. I am growing in 3 stackable fish totes,which hold approximately 4 cu feet of growing medium per tote. I have buried the totes in the ground,then filled...