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  1. B

    New to the group

    Hi Y'all! I am growing... just harvested our outdoors time to move indoors! I'm a breast cancer survivor and a silicone toxicity survivor. Thanks for letting me join you!
  2. E

    Help ID Toxicity

    Leaves on my plants are showing some burning at the tips, yellowing and extracting a white color on the leaves that have died. I think it could be a toxicity of phosphorus? I flushed the soil some, but so far has not seemed to help. Anyone know what this is?
  3. P

    Toxicity? Deficiency?

    Hey fellow farmers, What's this? It was first on 2-3 leaves on only one plant. Now it's on few leaves of my other girls as well. I flushed them for the first time in flowering 4 days ago but they didn't disappear, they tripled after that. I fed them yesterday half strength as it is already...
  4. G

    Nitrogen Toxicity? Overwatering?

    Hello again happy people of :420:! I'm having some trouble with my two sativa plants. (Arjan's Haze #3), which I think is either (or both) a nitrogen toxicity or overwatering. Here's some detailed info: Strain - Arjan's Haze #3 # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flowering, day...
  5. M

    N toxicity or what? Share your experience

    Hi, Once and for all - what is the problem in this picture? PH flux? PH to high? N toxicity or lockout? Usually i run into this problem with every grow at later points... What would be the actions done? first pic is a suspect for some heat damage, i admit that... but lower picture bud...
  6. swwilson20

    Nitrogen toxicity from Roots Organics Soil

    So I'm about 70 days from sprout and still in veg. Strain is Blue Mystic, and she has had a N toxicity pretty much her whole life. I haven't given any nutes except cal-mag. Other than having this issue, she has been growing really well. I would like to be in bloom right now, and this Nitrogen...
  7. M

    Nitrogen toxicity - How to fix?

    My plant is showing signs of nitrogen toxicity. Ive beenn doing some research into it and most says to flush. How would I go about doing this as this is my first grow and ive still got alot to learn
  8. T

    Nitrogen Toxicity? - Trying to Diagnose

    What Strain is it? I don't know (bag seeds) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Both, I don't know percentages Is it in Vegetative or Flowering? Vegetative If in Vegetative Stage.. How long? About a month Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil Hydro? Soil If Soil... What is in your...
  9. A

    Is this a nutrient toxicity or deficiency?

    Hey everyone, I'm having some issues with a couple of my plants. I'm not sure if this is excessive nutrients or is it a lack of nutrients? I'm using general hydroponics 3 part nutrient mix. I've fed each of them around 3 times. Each time, I watered/fed each plant with 1 gal distilled water...
  10. E

    Help on feeding - Post-nitrogen toxicity

    I am in my third week of flowering and currently recovering from a slight nitrogen toxicity. I have a fertilizer with and N-P-K rating of 4-12-4 that I would like to use to get more phosphates in the soil. After I have finished feeding it regular nutrient free water for a week, Will the 4%...