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    Non-motorized tracks for lights

    Hello! I'm looking for some heavy duty tracks that I can put my lights on so I can manually move them back and forth. I don't want anything motorized - I'm just looking for something that I can move the lights back and forth by hand when I want (obviously, moving them will not be a daily...
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    Cops Ran Through My Weed Patch

    My buddy Bob had quite a few seeds so we went down to N.E. Missouri to my Dad's abandoned farm and found this little piece of bottom ground by a creek which looked good. Hadn't been planted with anything for years. We spent the best part of an afternoon hoeing up a plot about 20 by 20 with...
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    Light Movers

    Ok so I'm sure someone has asked this before but I don't have time to search all the threads. I currently have 2 1000 watt lights but want to expand. I am wondering if light moving track systems will allow me to expand without killing my hydro bill and attracting more attention then I need...
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