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  1. Ron Strider

    A Giant Puffing Sound

    Ross Perot warned of a "giant sucking sound" when the original NAFTA was signed, but the new NAFTA being negotiated right now may coincide with a giant puffing sound. Marijuana legalization efforts in both Canada and the United States (and Mexico for medical marijuana) will, as with most goods...
  2. Ron Strider

    Canada: Marijuana Legalization, Cross-Border Trade, Opiods, Pharmacare Top Agenda

    Drugs, from lethal opioids to soon-to-be-legalized marijuana and Kathleen Wynne's pharmacare push, will dominate the annual premiers conference. Provincial and territorial leaders are also keeping a close eye on the United States as the Trump administration provides more detail on how it...
  3. Ron Strider

    Florida Court: Medical Marijuana Investor Information Is Public Record

    Information about investors and partners in medical-marijuana businesses is not a trade secret and should be disclosed under Florida's public-records law, an appeals court ruled Friday. A three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal rejected arguments by Surterra Florida LLC, Alpha...
  4. Ron Strider

    Was Cannabis The Real Reason Britain Colonized Australia?

    The first shipment of medicinal cannabis arrived in Perth yesterday, but weed's history in Australia stemmed from the arrival of the First Fleet. At Joseph Bank's request, hemp boarded the first Fleet as cargo 'for commerce'. His hope was to produce hemp commercially for the new colony...
  5. K

    Medical Marijuana Companies Form Trade Group In Maryland

    Several companies that will grow and process medicinal marijuana in Maryland announced Friday the formation of The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association, or MedCan. The trade association started with 20 founding members said it will advocate on issues that affect the industry...
  6. K

    Trade Groups Are Sprouting From Cannabis Industry

    It wasn't too many years ago that groups such as the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance and a few others were the only formally organized pro-cannabis associations in the United States. But as the cannabis industry has spread, a variety of marijuana organizations, especially...
  7. R

    US: How A Forgotten Tax Footnote Limits The Marijuana Trade

    As states legalize marijuana, more marijuana businesses are opening across the country. An obscure 1982 brainchild of Bob Dole's Senate Finance Committee, Section 280E of the federal tax code, is hitting state-legal marijuana sellers in the pocketbook–right now. Section 280E, which says...
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