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    Soon Hemp May Be A Tradable Commodity With Startup Seed CX

    You can trade gold and pork belly futures, why not hemp? Raising venture capital is difficult for any first-time founders with a company that hasn't yet launched. Multiply that by 100 when your startup has any tangential relationship to cannabis. It is no surprise, then, that it took...
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    Silver State Trading Acquires Assets Of California Based Company 'Trokie'

    Silver State Trading, Nevada's premier cultivator, manufacturer and distributor of medical-grade cannabis and associated products, signed an agreement to acquire the assets of CA-based Trokie, and obtained exclusive global rights to Trokie's patents and intellectual property. The Trokieâ„¢ is a...
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    Is This Caregiver A Crook?

    I'm a legal card holding patient in MI and have a possible grower/care giver. They do the legal paperwork and also have their card already (and less than 5 patients) but instead of charging me for the cannabis they offer to provide an ounce a month while they sell the rest for profit...
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