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train wreck auto

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    Train Wreck Auto, Crop King Seeds
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    Spring Grow - OG - Northern Lights - Rehab Girl - Train Wreck Auto

    Good morning all! This is my first attempt at a grow journal been reading several for the past several months. Going to have several strains on the go. This is the starting line up for now till my clones start rolling in. We have a couple strains we aren't sure if they will make er the full...
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    5 Train Wreck Auto - 5 Early Miss Auto - 3 Green Crack Fem

    Pro mix Earthworm castings 4-6-6 Alaska veg pellets Extra perlite Blood meal 3 gallon containers for autos Transplant cup-1 gal- 3 gal- 5 gal for green crack 1000w hps 4 ft umbrella reflector 2x 105w cfl 6500k 5000 btu window unit 12x10x6.5 grow room Need more light eventually but this is...