1. M

    AK-47 - Purps - Train Wreck x Hash Plant

    Only have a lil bit left of these. So I wanted to get some photos before I smoke them. All smoked proper, but the tw x hp was the best out of the three. Check em out AKs I cracked this one open so you can see inside Purps Train Wreck x Hash Plant
  2. Torst

    Is It Done - Ghost Train Haze

    Having a hard time deciding with this one. Do you guys think this Ghost Train Haze is done at day 85 from flip?
  3. Ron Strider

    NE: NSP Investigators Seize 50 Lbs. Of Marijuana In Omaha

    Investigators with the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) have arrested a man and seized 50 pounds of marijuana at the Omaha train station. Investigators were conducting routine operations during the morning hours of Friday, October 13, when they noticed two suspicious bags in the cargo area of a...
  4. D

    Abandoned DankBudsOnly's Perpetual Organic Indoor Garden

    Hi All, It has been a while since I last posted. Over the last few months I've gotten my setup put back together and have made it even better. More light, more air flow, better genetics, better understanding of compost teas, nutrients, soil, organic, veganics, etc... I've been having so...
  5. 9

    Advice in growing Train Wreck strain

  6. S

    Completed I Do CDN Clones - So Said The Lighthouse Keeper

    Good day friends ;) My shipment of clones from WeedMD came in this morning. 2x Ghost Train Haze 2x White Shark 1x Critical Mass The clones arrived in a completely different container than the ones from ThcBiomed. The clones themselves were not nearly as rooted either, but should be...
  7. L

    Abandoned CFL Grow

    Hey everyone. Did a cfl grow like 5 years back but I'm legal now and why change right? I'm doing 3 died strains. One plant each for now. Seeing which one is best. First up , I have the auto flowering Train wreck Second is sour jack and last but not least is super silver haze. Trying to go...
  8. Nicholas Flamel

    Completed C99 - Ghost Train Haze - Chocolate Mint OG - In Hempy Under LED

    First off I would like to say. WAAAAZZZUP :48: :3: And welcome. Hopefully this will be another fun journal with good budporn to share. Disclaimer - The "plants" being grown in this grow journal technically are NOT Cannabis. Although not well known they are actually descendants of an ancient...
  9. I

    Train Wreck by CKS newbie grow

    Hello, First grow, just wanted some opinions/tips. Train wreck by CKS 50/50 peatmoss-perlite 21L bucket General Hydro Ponics; bioroot, calimag, micro, grow, and bloom. Temp usually around 25-29C RH - 30% 18 on / 6 off currently 1 - 12w 2' LED sunblaster grow light 6500k (2000 lumens) 4...
  10. LuckyAlbatros

    Abandoned LuckyAlbatros's 2017 Ghost Train Haze, 1200W LED, Soil, Perpetual SCROG

    LuckyAlbatros's 2017 Grow 01 GHOST TRAIN HAZE 3 x 1200w LED - Soil - Perpetual SCROG Hello All, First post in my first journal. I've grown a few small yields since the mid-70's but never anything serious although I have been privileged to visit some beautiful grows over the years. I...
  11. N

    Train Wreck newbie

    Any help would be great thanks guys
  12. JM26

    Completed JM26 Presents CKS AutoFem Train Wreck: The First Adventure

    Hello my fellow Green :thumb: Today is an important milestone in my life (well the 16th was) and I'm so excited to be able to share it with those of you that have stumbled upon this. I've been a smoker for more than half of my life, and I'm finally in a position where I can produce my own bud...
  13. Pennywise

    Ghost Train Haze #1

    GTH #1 from Rare Dankness, 50 days in flower.
  14. S

    Train Wreck

    Just ordered some train wreck from CKS if any one has harvested this strain please tell me about the plant, was it an easy grow?
  15. S

    Which strain should I grow?

    Debating whether to grow train wreck or white cookies ??
  16. K

    You Made My Weed Grow - Thank You To All Posters

    :thumb: First grow Growing Amnesia Haze Auto and Train Wreck Auto @ 7 weeks old from Cropking seeds
  17. Stinky Snid

    How do I Low Stress Train my plants?

    OK then, many of you asked for it and here it is. I had to grow a practice plant just for this Low Stress Training tutorial. :19: just kidding, but here's a little one I'm going to be putting outdoors soon. It's an og Kush S1 offspring, of my first ever grow. It's being grown out to determine...
  18. N

    Abandoned 1st Time Grower! - Ghost Train Haze#1 - Tips & Advice Appreciated

    Hey everybody, This will be some information on a previous grow that was done. It was a very uninformed grow, basically just learned as it went on. Supplies slowly purchased before started. Completed a while ago and haven't done anything since. Wanted to get some input before the next one...
  19. hapgrowy

    Abandoned Vertical ScrOG/ Wall of Green Experiment TRELLIS TRAINER

    Starting The OFFICIAL Vertical ScrOG aka WALL OF GREEN My sketched diagram I know some of you like the idea and it has stimulated you to experiment, opinions, tips, praises welcome... lets take this to another level...:439:
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