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  1. Growingasmile

    To defoliate or not to defoliate?

    I have max one week left to veg before I'm risking running out of room for the flower stretch how long does it take to recover from loli popping/defoliation? is it even worth it? what are the pro's and cons? I don't want to tie down my girls because I'm in dwc and change out my reservoir every 2...
  2. 6C0067E6-3D8A-4111-B96F-C1F971412E64.jpeg


    Top growth I took from cherry bomb - topping
  3. FE67915A-3F85-4003-830C-6393CA77E389.jpeg


    Some cool shot of training and what not have super cropped lightly as well . Just the shoots on outside that want to grow faster taller then middle canopy so super crop then even playing field . Learning
  4. 8B0AAABA-94BA-4F1F-B6E3-C512EBB297E2.jpeg


    Bomb seeds top attempt
  5. C

    From the series: How does my training look and do you have any tips for the future

    Hi fellow growers :) It's been a while since my last grow, and essentially, my last post. The grow I currently am doing, is one of the few I plan to do untill holidays. It's Purple Queen strain. Today I decided I need to use this garden string(or whatever's it's name) to pull the side calyxes...
  6. B76FE8B7-1B30-4820-9BEE-F4D80669F20D.jpeg


    New small tomatoe cages for autos and clones
  7. B

    Extreme training main cola break Afgan reg by CKS

    Afghan regular main cola break when training 2 weeks into flower. Put in humidity dome with aloe and cleaned up branches addtional to cleaning up stalk and using aloe and colloidal silver. See if she roots using soft metals, natural hormones and microbe soil with worm castings and calcium. Pics...
  8. potanna

    Training for nanoplants?

    heeeey guys! i want to plant some seeds, but i have a little time, almost 65 days. i dont want to plant autos, but regular feminised seeds. do any of you know any proper training so that the plants be ready in the end of these 65 days? i thought of some solutions myself but i have never...
  9. B

    Newbi to training trying to get it right

    :420:I am currently doing the training process on a strain I stumbled upon growing bag seeds. It is very leggy when I grow it full term. It has to be LST'd almost daily to stop it from over growing the area. It's worth the extra work because the finished product is amazing. I'm on my third grow...
  10. Ron Strider

    University Of Maryland Pharmacy School Cancels Plans To Train For Medical Marijuana

    The University of Maryland's School of Pharmacy canceled plans to offer training for those who work in the medical marijuana industry amid legal concerns. After consulting with the Maryland attorney general's office, the university asked pharmacy school officials to cancel the classes, a...
  11. E

    Did I just fim or top my plant?

    Strain: Blue Dream Hybrid 6 Plants Veg Stage 3 weeks after clone transplant. Indoor Soil. Royal Gold. 25 gallon. T5 CFL (6 54-watt bulbs). Fans running. 80 degrees. No pests. Watering every 2 days. Mr. B'S Greens Trees for growth weekly. My intention was to FIM my plant but I'm wondering, did...
  12. Ron Strider

    Wiz Khalifa Smokes Weed Before MMA Training 'It's Good For You'

    Before he hits the MMA gym, Wiz Khalifa hits the bong ... or the joint or the vaporizer or whatever else gets him high on weed. The rapper/extreme pot enthusiast was leaving Warwick in Hollywood Wednesday night when we asked if he took a break from the green stuff when he gets in fight mode...
  13. CHED

    Snid & Ched's Excellent Adventure - Auto Armageddon

    SNID AND CHEDS EXCELLENT ADVENTURE--AUTO ARMAGEDDON a story of two friends who came together, to grow inside and escape the weather. within these walls their forests grew, so many colours... green, orange, purple, blue. from in the soil, roots blossomed then bloomed for snid and ched...
  14. Ron Strider

    MD: University Pharmacy School Offers Medical Marijuana Training

    The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will begin offering training to prepare prospective workers for the medical marijuana industry. The move puts the Baltimore school in league with few other established universities and colleges, including the University of Vermont College of...
  15. SweetSue

    Breathing For Health

    The healing potential of breathing is grossly overlooked IMO. I'm as guilty as the next person. Most of my breathing is too shallow, but I plan to change that. With proper training it's possible to dramatically improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Like any other training it...
  16. flytier

    FIMed and Branching

    Here's my White Widow seedling a few days after getting a haircut. I did a FIM on her earlier the week and she caught her breath and started to get some superb branching. I may even transplant her later today and hopefully by next week or the week after I'll be able to start some LST. This one...
  17. flytier

    Removing Leaves During LST?

    Hey everybody. I have a White Widow that I'm doing some LST on. It's been growing for close to a month and there are well over a half a dozen new growth stems coming off it by now. Now many of these are buried inside the dense foliage. What I'm wondering is this: is it alright to remove some of...
  18. Agemon

    Sour OG Clones Indoor Soil, 2017

    Well, here goes...! I picked up a few Sour OG clones about a week ago. Unfortunately, one of the ladies was damaged in transport so I immediately tried the cloning method I'm familiar with and put her in a Bio-Dome. She has been in there for 10 days now and I'm not sure if she's rooting, but...
  19. K

    Ohio Medical Marijuana Training For Dispensaries Coming This Summer

    HempStaff, a medical marijuana recruiting and training agency, is hosting three Medical Marijuana Dispensary Agent Training Classes in Ohio this summer as the state gets ready for the implementation of the state's Medical Marijuana Program. The first class will be held June 3rd in Cleveland...
  20. K

    Nevada Marijuana Dispensary Training Classes Hosted By HempStaff In Las Vegas

    HempStaff, a medical marijuana staffing and training agency, is hosting Medical Marijuana Dispensary Agent Training Classes in Las Vegas on March 11th, 2017. There are two sessions to choose from 8:00am-12:00pm or 1:30pm-5:30pm. The event will be held at the Embassy Suites Las Vegas at 4315...
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