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    Intense training on legacy og by CSI humbolt
  2. LST #2 June 22nd

    LST #2 June 22nd

  3. LST #2 June 22nd

    LST #2 June 22nd

  4. Macdaddy420

    Macdaddy's Quarantine Outdoor Escape 2020

    Hey guys, long time. Glad to be back this year with some new strains and some new knowledge and ideas. I will be growing 2x Big Blue Mother skunker 1x Sweet Blue Sputty and 1x bag seed. I’m currently waiting on the breeder seeds and am vegetating a few bag seeds looking for a female. I plan to...
  5. P

    Growing abnormality

    Hello everybody I'm a first time grower and I need some guidence from you guys. First some info about my grow: -Strain: she(I hope so) is a bagseed -Tent: 80x80x180 cm / 3x3x6 -Light: I started with 1 20w cfl then switched to 200w DIY Cob LEDs so I believe thats why it stretched this much -Soil...
  6. jan 27 lsd hempy.JPG

    jan 27 lsd hempy.JPG

    lsd hempy trying to play with the northern lights cbd
  7. jan 27 hempys.JPG

    jan 27 hempys.JPG

    jan 27 state of the hempys
  8. Blueberry Training

    Blueberry Training

    training at 2 months
  9. Mama TK Training

    Mama TK Training

    reveg and training post seeding
  10. Swazi Training

    Swazi Training

    Training for height
  11. Chronic Ryder Training

    Chronic Ryder Training

    reveg and training
  12. Skunky Mama Training

    Skunky Mama Training

    reveg and training of Durban Skunk
  13. Transkei Training

    Transkei Training

    Transkei, training
  14. Mama TK Training

    Mama TK Training

    back into veg and almost complete with seed cycle.
  15. Growingasmile

    To defoliate or not to defoliate?

    I have max one week left to veg before I'm risking running out of room for the flower stretch how long does it take to recover from loli popping/defoliation? is it even worth it? what are the pro's and cons? I don't want to tie down my girls because I'm in dwc and change out my reservoir every 2...
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    Top growth I took from cherry bomb - topping
  17. FE67915A-3F85-4003-830C-6393CA77E389.jpeg


    Some cool shot of training and what not have super cropped lightly as well . Just the shoots on outside that want to grow faster taller then middle canopy so super crop then even playing field . Learning
  18. 8B0AAABA-94BA-4F1F-B6E3-C512EBB297E2.jpeg


    Bomb seeds top attempt
  19. C

    From the series: How does my training look and do you have any tips for the future

    Hi fellow growers :) It's been a while since my last grow, and essentially, my last post. The grow I currently am doing, is one of the few I plan to do untill holidays. It's Purple Queen strain. Today I decided I need to use this garden string(or whatever's it's name) to pull the side calyxes...
  20. B76FE8B7-1B30-4820-9BEE-F4D80669F20D.jpeg


    New small tomatoe cages for autos and clones
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