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  1. higherthehigh

    Need help and advice on scrogging

    hi everyone planning my next grow and the next few weeks ill be getting some new seeds to pop for my garden. need some advice on my first time scrogging, love the idea of having a full canopy of frosty buds 4x8 tent 8 iws pot system or coco/perlite 2 600w cool hoods with 6" extraction...
  2. K

    PA: Philly To Host Medical Marijuana Training

    Philadelphia is hosting medical marijuana experts and those who want to get involved in the business. Last October, Scott Shank gave up his career as an electrical engineer to become a founding member of a Silver Spring, Maryland-based cannabis healthcare company called Agrimed Industries...
  3. TheFertilizer

    Any point to training like this?

    I decided to play around with some training on my plants since I've already over-extended my veg. schedule by quite a bit. Just wondering what the effect will be on the plants. Looks almost like mainlining them. On one I just basically wanted to keep it on the same relative level than the...
  4. Stinky Snid

    Ask Us Anything: Sharing Knowledge 420Style

    Welcome Everyone I am going to start this thread up now, but will be continually adding questions posed to me on various threads or pm's. There have been many great questions asked and I've tried to answer them with the best of my knowledge. I've got to go through all my threads and find these...
  5. Stinky Snid

    The New Autoflower Topping Thread

    I've had so much inspiration and guidance from fellow growers here regarding topping autoflower plants. Although It's not an exact science it can be done and can bring huge yields. Every autoflower strain is different and therefore hard to judge how long a veg period they'll have. For instance...
  6. livetoskate81

    First attempt at LST training! Did I start too late?

    Any insight on LST training going into flower ? Open to suggestions
  7. M

    What training would you do?

    Hello. I have a plant that I kinda destroyed because of wrong lights. So iv germinated the seed and had it in soil used a cheap China light untill my "real" lamp was ordered and I tought it would take like 2-3 days untill I'd get the real light but it took 18 days for the lamp to arrive so...
  8. S

    Quick question

    I plan on doing LST training and topping as my plants now have 7 sets of leaves . So my question is in what order should I perform the the topping and LST training? Top first or LST first? Also what part of the day is the best for topping / LST training to start. when the lights first come...
  9. HizzyB

    HizzyB's 1st Mainline/Manifold Attempt Mango Haze For CCO

    HizzyB Here, We just took off into total uncharted waters here. We done lots of LOw Stress Training, some high stress training/breaking but this mainlining or what others call manifolding is new to us as can be. CBD Crew Seeds Mango Haze This mostly sativa plant is being grown indoors...
  10. S

    Seedling topping/training too early?

    Hello fellow growers! I grow my cannabis in mainline style, average 8-16 main buds per plant, (mostly eight), with a dry yield about 250 grams per plant which is more than enough for my needs. This upcoming grow I'm curious about trying something different because while mainline growing gives...
  11. D

    SCROG versus tomato cages for training huge trees indoors

    Hey everybody, I've got a question here for the monster growers. This question is aimed at fellow members who scoff at the notion of a ScrOG possessing any more than 4 plants per screen... So... I have a vision of a 4,000 watt room. It will have 8 or 9 plants total. (15 gallon soil pots)...
  12. Happy Jack

    How to Control DWC Scrog Stretch and Density

    Hi Folks, Scrog/DWC newbie here, looking for advice on training/trimming a DWC scrog grow. Is this the best place to post my question? If not, I'm glad to post in a better place. My problem is the plants are growing fast and thick in the DWC and, at week three in bloom, are getting really...
  13. N

    Aspiring Medical Grower! Second grow - First time community! Hello

    What's up everybody! I was led here from youtube, i heard one guy said he was comminicanting alot on forums to discuss growing and such. As i live rather isolated, and grow by myself, i don't get to discuss or "compare" much with anyone. So i'm here, I've looked around a bit and find this forum...
  14. C

    Best LST plant or grow!

    ok so I totally dig all the diferant LST techniques. just want to see what everyone else has done! let's include all forms of training high and low! I am on my first grow but in it I've done, FIM, supercrop, defoliation of all fan leafs, lolypoping, and low stress bending/ training dayly...
  15. B

    BigChief's - 400 Watt - Organic - SCROG - Grape Kush & Critical Kush

    I have been on the fence about starting this journal for a while but decided what the hell. I'm growing Grape Kush from Cali Connect and Critical Kush from Barney Farms. I'm using a mixture of organic composte,worm castings,coco and perlite. I've amended it with blood meal,bone meal,bat...
  16. J

    Learning training

    Good day, everyone! As I have started my first grow and first journal, I do have got disturbing questions about my babies. Like all first-timers I am really confussed about training benefits- - should I train it (done, if increasing yiels) - what type of training should I do (LST or...
  17. P

    My autoflower is 27 days old and flowering - Can I start low stress training?

    My early miss auto is 27 days old above soil and is flowering can i start bending the plant to control its hight low stress training it ? I am a little scared because the stem is kind of thick and it looks like wood i have not felt the stem but it looks stiff
  18. P


    LST training and topping nd fimming when is the optimum time and what is the best method???? Oh and music i kno plants react to certain sound frequencies whats best cuz mine listen to old school RnB nd kevin gates???
  19. C

    Lowest Stress Training

    Hi All, I'm still quite new to the site and still on my first grow but have had quite good success so far. I am currently into week 6 from seed and week 2 of flowering with 3 plants. I'm using hydroponics with the flora grow series and a few additives from various other nutrient...
  20. C

    First Timer Success

    Hi All, I'm new to this and only into day 35 of my very first grow. I had done quite a lot of research on this site and others before beginning and I'm already learning twice as much from actually doing it. Just to so you know... I'm growing 3 plants of different strains and I'm doing...
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