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  1. Clone


    Clone of GSC and roots before being transferred to a 5 gallon fabric pot of coco.
  2. Justones

    Buying seeds

    So I was looking at herbies for some seeds. Choose some. Then see theres no credit card or paypal. Just bank transfer, cash or bitcoin. I dont know about doing a bank transfer, I dont have anything bitcoin. What the heck man? Is this just how it is now?
  3. P

    Broke 5 of my oil cartridges accidentally frying the coils - Please help

    Oil vape cartridge transfer? i accidently fried the coil to my first cannabis oil cartridge. My buddy used all of his but gave me his empty cartridge. Surely there is some way i can transfer the oil from the broken cart to the usable cart?! Please help me. Fellow stoners, lead me in...
  4. B

    I transferred pots and now my plant is slowly dying

    How do I save my haze extreme? Its slowly dying and I'm trying my best. I remember when I did the transfer there were a bunch of roots that fell off during the process.
  5. N

    When do you transfer to DWC?

    I been reading alot about when to transfer and to be honest i still can't figure it out i had these girls in rockwool for about a week now maybe 8 days i seen small root poking out the rw on the bottom and i thought it would be best to put it in pebbles so it can moving down and trying to reach...
  6. D

    New to 420

    At what point do I transfer my plant this is my first grow I'm not sure what to do next I would love to upload some pictures so someone can help me out I've started with seeds that I have had
  7. G

    Problems Germinating My Seed Help

    Im having difficulties germinating my seeds I have more than 50 seeds given by a friend mix with indica and sativa and hybrid he had that seed almost a year. Tried every possible germinating procedure like paper towel (no luck almost 2 weeks) transferred them at soil,water soaking (18-24 hrs) or...
  8. D

    When to switch from soil to hydro?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking to switch from soil to hydro. Just curious how many nodes I should wait to come out before I transfer. I have 3 plants that are on the 3rd and one that is on the 5th. I'd like to transfer them all at the same time, so I just want to make sure the little guys will be ok...
  9. T

    I had to dig up my flowering outdoor plant to move it. will they be ok???

    Had a fly by scare and had to move 4 well grown (7months) to all new spots. i dug pretty widely around them and transferred carefully but im still a bit nervous. i added nutes to the new spots to promote healthy savior. Should i wrry?
  10. D

    pot transfer

    i have a plant in a 5 gallon bucket. i would like to put it into a 5gal pot with proper drainage. whats the best way to go about this?RoorRip:rollit:
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