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  1. steppedinds

    My Closet Ebb & Flow Diagram

    Thought I would post this for those that may find it useful. Hope it does. Used 3'x2' 21gallon mortar trays from Home Depot for fill trays, and just regular Rubbermaid tubs for reservoirs that I keep with 12.5gal of solution. This seems to be the right amount with only 50L of hydroton in each...
  2. StickyGig

    Smart pot drying question

    Growing a Sweet seeds mix of autos. Total of seven under a mars 2 1200. I'm growing in 5 gallon smart pots and geopots. Im using ffof and ff happy frog and perlite at a ratio of 50/50/20. Im in a tent 4x4x7 that ranges in temperatures from 75-87 degrees fahrenheit. RH runs between 40-50%. I have...
  3. F

    Reflector Set-up for 3x6 Trays

    My buddy and I are setting up 4 flood trays side by side in his house for perpetual harvests and we need suggestions! i made 2 diagrams to show our dilemma... or We would much rather use setup #1 because the ventilation would be cleaner looking but the problem with setup #1 is the...