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  2. N

    Manganese deficiency

    Tangie'matic Auto Feminized plants, 21 days old, fox farms soil, ph 6.0-6.3 water with recharge and golden tree. Change ph on last water to 6.7-7. Recharge, golden tree, Humboldt micro, bloom and honey and glamorous. 6 gals of water for 5 plants. Any foliar sprays I can add to help recover...
  3. Ron Strider

    Walmart Dropped Its 'Marijuana Christmas Tree.' But Other Weed-Themed Items Remain

    For the stoner who has everything ... Walmart is selling a "Weed Marijuana Leaf Christmas Tree" this season. (At least it was until Wednesday afternoon, when the retailer pulled the tree from its website.) Ornaments and bow were not included with the 7-foot faux Tannenbaum, which had a...
  4. bipolar

    Bonsai Tree

    I am growing this in an Aerogarden. I will post more pictures as it grows. Bipolar
  5. Ron Strider

    Walmart Is Selling A Marijuana Christmas Tree That Will 'Light Up' The Room

    For the stoner who has everything ... Walmart is selling a "Weed Marijuana Leaf Christmas Tree" this season. Ornaments and bow are not included with this 7-foot faux Tannenbaum, which has a street, er, retail value of $250. But hey! The shipping is free. "The ad copy reads like it...
  6. K.puff&stuff

    Large tree like plant

    Hello guys I'm getting things ready for the spring grow outside. I would like to grow a tree like plant big 10 feet plus. I see on YouTube and other place that some of these growers can accomplish this large tree like plant. Whats is the best strain for to accomplish this. I'm in a northern...
  7. L

    1st Grow Bubblegum & Just Jack

    1 x 45w full spectrum growstar LED panel No base nutes just superthrive and golden tree
  8. H

    DWC Leaves Curling & Dying - Please Help!

    hellp guys, im from VietNam and using google tranlate :(( : " I plant was 10 days in the flowering period, but after a few hours due to lack of water is not pumped up busy tree nutrition have manifested "the Claw" ..... now I'm the tree water use pH 5.6-6.0 great filter. After 2 days the...
  9. K

    A First For Colorado - Tree Free Hemp Is Producing Paper From Seed To Sheet

    For the first time, hemp paper is being produced in Colorado from seed to sheet. Loveland's Tree Free Hemp has been producing hemp paper since 2013, but until this year, it's been getting the fiber from other countries. Now the entire process is local. "It's grown in Colorado, it's processed...
  10. V

    My trees appear to have white spots - Please help me!

    I planted the tree in the house, my tree was 9 days old. I found white spots on the leaves. What is this? please help me treat it :(
  11. baxbax

    Palm tree ash?

    Hello , I was searching for good source of K for my incoming organic grow and find palm tree ash contain lots of it : Palmboomas I decide to burn some Date palm tree and make ash from it , I dont sure it will work as K source like some thing I linked or not , is there Too much difference...
  12. M

    Christmas tree lights?

    I know a silly question but I was looking at our new lights on the tree over xmas and they are led and very very bright now I'm growing in a tent and my question is could I drape the lights in my tent up and down the poles to give more light?. Is it worth it or not?.
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