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  1. U

    Pot or Palm?

    I know there is something wrong with their growth, but I am starting to think that they are actually miniature Palm trees ?? Exhale !!!
  2. R

    Mango trees

    If i was to plant a mango tree next to pot would it increase the potency? Kind of how if you plant jalapeños next to habeneros the jalapeños end up hotter.
  3. doctor green

    Dr Green's White Rhino Monsters vs High Numbers 2015

    So here we go! I am growing out 4 white rhinos into fimmed LST'd monsters. Along side I am growing out 44 white rhinos ( will they all fit haha) At the moment they are all in the same tent a 2x2x2 m jungleroom vegging under 1 x 600 mh and 1 x 600 hps in a mix of perlite soil and...