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  1. odinsmaster

    Odin’s On His High Horse Again

    All right guys I’m going to try to make this journal perpetual. I just cut clones last night, alien og, platinum kush breath, garlicane, and sugarcane. I will run 6 and 6 and have not made my final decision yet. I’ll post pics of each and you guys and gals can help me decide what to run. I run...
  2. Death Bubba Full Plant

    Death Bubba Full Plant

    A full look at our Death Bubba before the harvest.
  3. R

    Help: 24hr Drastic Change

    Using 600W MH approx 22-24” from plant top. 2 Gallon air pots. Installed a new trellis net and within ONE day my plants look severely wilted. The bud sites and leaves just look shrivelled and droopy. Some pics for comparison
  4. Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    Midnight snow x Led Gooey Trellis
  5. B

    Green Crack trellis

    has anyone grown the green crack and what kind of trellis did you use?
  6. G

    Need suggestions on my ScrOG setup

    I originally made a screen with yarn and a cut-out window screen. I then added some trellis to add some support. Now it just looks messy as hell. I topped it for its last time about 4 days ago so I'm going to veg for another week or so unless someone has better ideas? Info: 5 plants from...
  7. H

    Support your plants & buds

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to write another article and thought it might be prudent to check in with the crowd to see if there was anything I've missed. I'm trying to help new growers grow better, and bigger, and this article will be about the things you need to support your plant through the...
  8. D

    1st scrog

    1st scrog. Scrog is set at 9" above plant base. I cropped the tops between 5 and 6 nodes. Then I did a mix of cropped and FIM on the second set up from the center. Did some lolly popping at week 5 of veg.. Going into week 6 of veg. Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
  9. cnile

    Trellis grow with coco - The need to flush

    how do you guys overcome strapping the pant down like in a trellis but then having to flush the coco medium every month or so? not too many plants maybe say 10 - 20
  10. T

    First Grow - 2 x 2.5 - LED

    Hey Guys, This is my first grow and if someone is interested in a smaller stealth setup. This is a Gorilla 2 x 2,5 with hight extension to 6'7. I am using a 300W LED as light and Can-Fan 125L with 4 speed switch and a Path/Rhino carbon filter. I also have two 5'9 clip fans and a humidifier. My...
  11. hapgrowy

    Vertical ScrOG/ Wall of Green Experiment TRELLIS TRAINER

    Starting The OFFICIAL Vertical ScrOG aka WALL OF GREEN My sketched diagram I know some of you like the idea and it has stimulated you to experiment, opinions, tips, praises welcome... lets take this to another level...:439:
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