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    Autoflower looks off, final stages of flowering. should I give nutes?

    hey everyone, back with another question this is my ak47 auto, was mostly under 18-6 life cycle but was in a room with a photo so it went to 12-12 about half way through, so not a whole lot of light, also the photo did take up more room than expected. this auto is well over 90 days, but as...
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    Double Diesel - Elephant Diesel & Hollands Hope

    This is my first grow They are about 5 weeks in flower. 940w HPS Fox Farms Happy Frog Age Old Bloom, Age Old Kelp organic nutes. . These three plants I had intended to be mothers never to flower. The best laid plans of mice and men... I started these from seed 2nd week of Jan, using a...
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