trichome pics

  1. IMG_3849.JPG


    Leafy, airy, loose buds w/lots of trichomes.
  2. T

    Close up of trichomes: am I ready to harvest?

    To me they look cloudy. Not much amber but some?? Thoughts out there? Am harvesting this one now but should I wait on the other two?
  3. Ydro93

    Ready to cut? 1st time Harvesting Trichome pics

    So I have these two ladies who are in week 11 or 12 into flowering. i been flushing for the past 2 weeks ‘ they have been 48 hrs in darkness. I’ve cut some to take some pics of the trichomes please leave any comments or advice I’d highly appreciate it!
  4. don't get excited- it's all tails.

    don't get excited- it's all tails.

    if u seek out the anatomy of a thc molecule- kinda makes sense it may not cause buzz- it's bridgeworks, for the "mushroom heads", but i could just as easily b mistaken. smokin doesn't work for me, while exuding rso. i rerun for the lovely g's topicals, just n case. if u know differently...?
  5. 51FA4D5E-0F46-4DA6-9524-ECDA864EB421.jpeg


    Hanna’s Dream trichomes 5/25/19. Week 8
  6. A

    Trichomes! Clear or cloudy?

    Are trichomes in the picture cloudy? Or they’re clear yet?
  7. Third Coast Cultivators

    Weed Fraud

    Hello brothers and sisters, I wanted to pass along a warning from Vice news. Labs are taking pay offs to falsify reports. This is vary scary because labs test for a lot of things, some harmful, pesticides, mold, mildew, fungus, parasites ECT... so you really don't know what your getting. Vice...
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