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  1. T

    Is she ready?

    Still not exactly sure what I’m looking for here. These seem milky with some amber? Or are they still clear?
  2. S

    How soon until harvest?

    Hello everyone, this is my 2nd grow. I’m a little worried about timing the flush process and the perfect time to harvest. I’m growing gorilla candy, 1 week ago I thought there may have been 2 weeks left so I did my first flush but a week later they almost look the same and still look to me like...
  3. Ydro93

    Ready to cut? 1st time Harvesting Trichome pics

    So I have these two ladies who are in week 11 or 12 into flowering. i been flushing for the past 2 weeks ‘ they have been 48 hrs in darkness. I’ve cut some to take some pics of the trichomes please leave any comments or advice I’d highly appreciate it!
  4. CDC2D394-71DC-4137-BBD1-5A5FA3ABA42E.jpeg


    ATF X GG4 trich shot
  5. when ur cell isn't enough to see cells

    when ur cell isn't enough to see cells

    they sell cheap scopes, with cell adapters, like this was taken with. don't bother about higher than 100x, unless ur workin with less than leaf thickness- it's a pain.
  6. i do, too.

    i do, too.

  7. Tiny Pistils

    Tiny Pistils

  8. O

    Trichome Viewing?

    Hi. I was wondering what magnification I need to view trichome colour easily without going overboard? Is there an easy solution for this? I bought a small microscope type thing that has 60x magnification and it is too hard to focus ( old eyes? ).
  9. F

    Is this ready for harvest?

    Hey All, I'm a new grower and am having doubts about when to harvest. I've attached some pics of the trichomes of my plant. Does it look ready? Some look cloudy and even amber... but some look clear/glassy too. I'm a bit confused and any guidance would be very helpful.
  10. Meek246unruly

    I have a male with trichomes and few hair at the top of the plant

    i have some Kalahnikova plants from greenhouse seeds and I crossed them with a sour diesel male.now the f1 hybrid vigor seed from those too.i get few males with trichomes and hair at the top of the males.and those male hermaphrodites or do some male naturally do that THANKS...
  11. Ron Strider

    MA: Auburn Selectmen Vote To Approve Marijuana Facility

    The board voted 4-1 Monday, with Selectman Kenneth A. Holstrom casting the sole nay vote, to provide a letter of approval to Trichome Health Consultants as it seeks to establish a medical marijuana cultivation and processing facility at 97 Bancroft St. The letter is necessary for the company to...
  12. TopCola

    When do you like to harvest and why?

    This thread is for the experienced growers of 420 magazine to share their harvest techniques and when they like to harvest. This is not a thread giving advice on how or when to harvest. We have all read the numerous "when should you harvest" blogs and we don't need another one. In this thread I...
  13. R

    Nice buds fail to turn

    I recently had a very nice plant that produced a fat six inch crown, good in all respects except that it never ripened - very little trichome development, very little resin. Nice healthy bud, good smoke, with little effect. Any ideas?
  14. K

    Trichome Institute's TAG System Puts A Grade On The Quality Of Your Weed

    Starting today, you can purchase weed that's been given a quality-assurance grade. Created by the Trichome Institute, a Colorado-based company dedicated to science, education and certification, the Trichome Assurance Grade (TAG) system analyzes potentially unhealthy, even dangerous, parts of...
  15. Tris420

    Trichome Pictures

    Hey 420 Friends ! I tried to make a few Trichome shot ... so you guys can maybe guess how long it still has to go .. or if Im near harvest !! Or maybe you can tell me nothing because the pictures are to bad who knows haha :) Im thinking about getting an Active High for this plant .. So im...
  16. D

    Trichome help - Late harvest - Need experienced grower to help pls

    First time grower here, been getting tons of advice from this site (shout out to Rickybobby!) I am in day #60 of harvest but am a bit rushed due to visitors next weekend, does this look like i can harvest yet.. i am unable to decipher if they're clear or cloudy? Can you please let me know...
  17. J

    Entire Paul G. Mahlberg Cannabis Publication Library - Public Domain

    I have been watching a few companies in the space and was intrigued when I seen this news hit this morning. I have seen posts about Paul G. Mahlberg in the past on various forums and felt everyone here would find this interesting and useful. PR - Stevia Corp. Unveils 30 Years of Ground Breaking...
  18. R

    Can These Buds Be Smoked?

    Hello everyone, where I stay, MJ grows wild at the sides of our streets, and at the front porch of our home. I'm really not sure about their strain and quality though. So today I took a chance and picked up some buds from the plants growing near my residence. Will I get high if I smoked...
  19. C

    Lemon Haze 10 Weeks 5 Days

    Sup Peeps Just a few Questions, I am In two minds on about starting the 7 - 10 day flush I am currently at 10 weeks 5 days flower with my SLH and The main colas hairs are still white as hell and as this is my first grow im not to sure what to do, If i should start my flush now or what? I...
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