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trichomes ripe harvest

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    Harvest help

    What do you think? i am a first time outdoor grower, looking for opinions on harvest time, i am ordering a jeweler's loupe to get a better look, this was planted last week of April in dry hot weather climate, partial shade for afternoon. I do not know what strain it is. Help appreciated. Thanks
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    First time grow in need of help

    Ive been growing since may 28th. This is my first grow with a Advanced Auto Biodiesel Mass Autoflowering Feminised Seed. Ive been using the fox farm trio, I started using the trio in late june to early july. Iv been feeding half the recomended dose throught the whole cycle using half a gallon...
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    Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensaries - Weak Potency - Trichomes are Gone

    I am seeking intelligent conversation that will lead me to chatting with growers who are part of the southern california collective, and patients who are upset about this topic. I already know what is going on, given the conspicuous absence of trichomes, along with pre-mature harvesting...
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