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    New rolling machine help

    If you are sick and tired of trying to hold a manual rolling machine open don't ever do it again.
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    I am new to growing so any helpful tips and tricks would be nice i am a cannabis user iam 30 and starting my first grow been doing alot of research for the last couple weeks thanks agin for reading.
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    Smoking better

    Hello people I'm new here and I hope my english is not too bad. I would like to ask you if you've got some special smoking techniques or something:D Or do you have a special way to build your joint so it gets stronger? Is there something to eat to increase the effect? I'm not the most...
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    Vaporizer Tips & Tricks

    I'm heading down to favorite local head shop tomorrow to pick up my first vaporizer :allgood:. I've never used a vaporizer in my life, so any advice, tips, or tricks you fine folks could offer would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and just in case you were curious on the model it's Vapir No2. I've...
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