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    Gamerri Tries The Hi-Brix Road

    Ok it's been 15 years since my Ok, it's been over 15 years since my last grow. I was (kinda still) had the hydro is best mindset, I'm trying the "kit" doc buds hi-brix. I've accepted a few "gifts" from a friend. These gifts came with many unwanted , unexpected friends. Namely (from what I can...
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    Spitz Tries Ace's Panama & Malawi

    I've benn slow playing these two for a while. Purposely stunted in solo cups, under watered, etc.. for a while. I honestly can't tell you how old they are. They were moved from solo to 3G to 7G recently and are moving along. It's exponential growth now. This is my first shot at a screen. Curious...