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trimming buds

  1. K

    What To Trim From Jack Herer Week #3 Flower?

    Really, my only questions are how should I be trimming this little girl back please? First time grower. Thanks very much all for your advice.
  2. S

    First Harvest As We Speak! In Need Of Answers ASAP! Please and Thanks!

    hey guys after 4 months - i started harvesting my 4 plants. First of all i thank my parents who broght me to this green world, and the 420 people who helped me thru this. Looks like i have a very long night ahead of me.... some questions guys: here are pics of the first buds i trimmed...
  3. daxus2

    What is the best trimming machine? Expensive is fine if it works

    Need to move up to machine trimmer...advice, anyone? Want the best from you guys and your experience or your friends. Can't get clipped quick enough and my local clipper staff is slacking :cheer2:
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