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  1. Slothman

    Question About Trimming During Flower

    i'm thinking about trimming off the ones that don't appear like they will produce much to focus groth to the bigger ones. I've never done that before does anyone have any input on that.
  2. A

    Initial trimming and enzymes

    Hello all - I am a new grower and would like to get some feedback regarding initial trimming of my plants . My plants are 4" tall and haver roughly 6 leafes on them , I have been told I should trim back some of the leafs to make the plant bushier ?? not sure if that's an old wives tale or the...
  3. J

    Trimming prior to flower flip questions

    What Strain is it? Skunk #1 Fems from Seedsman Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? "mostly Sative" How Many Plants? 3 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 1 week Indoor or Outdoor? indoor Soil...
  4. Ron Strider

    How To Trim Cannabis Flowers

    Whether you're harvesting your first marijuana crop or you're trying to land a job as a "trimmer," you're probably wondering how to trim cannabis flowers properly. In recent years we've seen several expensive trimming machines become available, but most growers, trimmers, and consumers agree...
  5. Old Hippy 127

    A Love-Hate Relationship

    I LOVE growing cannabis. I HATE trimming bud! Whenever I think I should grow more plants, I remember how much I hate trimming. Peace...:Namaste:
  6. I

    White Widow weak leaves help!

    Hi guyes:thumb: Big fan leaves were covering lower branches, which are making buds so they were not getting enough light, i just trimmed them today an now thy look sad and weak.. here are before and after photos.. how is everything going??
  7. G

    Dry Trimming Harvest

    Has anyone tried Tom's tumble trimmer? I just saw it on Instagram and I'm thinking about grabbing one
  8. dlchobbes

    Trimming roots

    Through a series of stupid mistakes I have allowed my plants to get rootbound in my dwc system. Can I trim the roots?
  9. P

    Trimming fan leaves when plants flowering

    Hey guys ...I got a question for the more experienced Gardner out there ..I'm day 34 flower..and I'm wondering about trimming of fan leaves to let more light in ..I've read mixed messages about this subject ..my girl has always been outside except last couple weeks I've had no choice but to...
  10. P

    Help! I'm new at cloning!

    I'm a 29 year old female who is new at growing. I have some 3 week old clones under a grow light. One told me that I should trim the roots on my clones. Do you need to trim the roots on 3 week old clones? And if not when? I just really need help with this I'm not sure how to do this. Any help...
  11. Justones

    Trim small interior branches

    Do you guys trim the smaller interior branches that don't get much light during flowering? There's some tiny buds trying to form on those. But I question if trimming them will let the plant put more energy into the good areas of light.
  12. D

    First Grow - Scrog & Trimming Advice

    So this is my first grow, got a 600w hps over my 3 babys, aurora indica, god bud, and bubblelicious. i have them in 5 gallon pots in happy farm soil, 12 hr light cycles, light is 23inches (58cm) away from the canopy, 3 months and 10 days old (13 weeks) they have been in flowering for almost 2...
  13. B

    Should I defoliate my auto flower?

    I know, I know the number one thing you never do with auto flowers is defoliate BUT here's the situation. The resin glands have appeared and are starting to turn white, I'm a few weeks from harvest and the past several days leaves have started to die as the nitrogen is being transferred from the...
  14. W

    Newbie and trying to assemble to do chart

    I am undergoing my first grow ever and with hydro at about 60ish days..one has already started to flower..the sativa. The indicas don't show anything. I read last night that one should trim their plants and thin them out for air flow and to concentrate the nuts into the soon to be buds. I...
  15. I


    i was woundering is it ok to pinch of the lower fan big fan leafs to let light get to the new branes pluse im kinda low on room seeming im growing in my closet, iv tryed pinching some of one of the plants to exprement an it seemed to be a great hlep in the under growth but somtimes thing can be...
  16. T

    Going to live my dream

    hello i am Luke, i have a passion for cannabis and growing. I am well educated on growing. I live With PTSD (post traumatic stress distorter) from stopping a shooting at a after prom party and Cannabis is the best med for me, however i live in a hater state. Ive been a hard working underground...
  17. V

    Trim Bin - Has anyone used the Trim bin before?

    Says it has a collection tray below? What does it collect exactly... Everything I have found is pretty vague online.
  18. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Trimming, or taming question

    Ok here my info on the grow Bag seed of unknown origin or strain. Outdoor grow with only humus drain and light guano nute About 2-3 weeks into flower stage, topped into two main branches Growing in a 5 gal bucket with drainage hole in bottom, and air holes in sides. Question: I...
  19. T

    Need some advice can anybody assist?

    What's good? Quick question, is it possible to groom a plant while flowering? If so is there a method for this. Peace
  20. E

    Question About Making Edibles - MMJ - Canna Oil

    So I read that the cannabis to oil ratio is apporx 1g to 1 oz oil. How true is this? Also, if I'm using 24 grams trim(high quality, full of trichs), and mixed with 20 oz oil; would this be sufficient? Thanks for all input in advance.
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