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    JackPuck Press - Herb presses

    The JACK PUCK are revolutionary presses created to transform plant extracts into a compact paste and to remove excess water. The mould is dismountable, allowing it to be warmed up in the oven to improve its effectiveness. Equipped with a 2 ton or 8 ton load capacity hydraulic jack, JACK PUCKS...
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    Trimpro Unplugged

    There's a new Trimpro Trimmer in town: Trimpro Unplugged "Our quietest trimmer ever, the new TRIMPRO UNPLUGGED is a light, yet rugged 'go-anywhere' model designed for the home enthusiast and ideal for use in the apartment, greenhouse, or any situation where a need for noise discretion means...
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    TrimPro Rotor & TrimPro Automatik

    For the upcoming harvesting season we're offering our best selling Trimmers; Trimpro Rotor and Trimpro Automatik at a discount. Buy your trimmer on sale with coupon code TP50 at WebHydro.com! You can't find these trimmers any cheaper!!
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