1. T


    I'm working on a large collection of cannabis inspired art, I hope you enjoy! Cheers :yahoo:
  2. hot sweat

    hot sweat

    long cure
  3. coralman

    Big Head Seeds? Trippy Gorilla ?

    So im picking a new strain and came across big head seeds and their new strain called trippy gorilla, has anybody any experience with Big Head Seeds? Now originally i was going go with royal queen seeds amnesia haze or super silver haze until i came across this strain, the only thing im...
  4. D

    new guy newbie grower from dayton oh born and raised in nys

    hey, whats up, anyone living in south west Ohio? anyone wanna teach a newbie how to grow great weed?? i hope so cause that's why i am here! indoors, outdoors, hydro, soil, I want to learn it all Also willing to meet up and smoke!!!! i have 10 growing in soil right now but have not had any...
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