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  1. BudSmoker

    Flav RX vape pen

    I love these!!! I got lots of different strains and tried them all.. my favs is GSC, white widow, og kush, tropical trainwreck, sour diesel.. Anybody else ever use FLAV RX pens?
  2. R

    Tropical - Crop King's Dark Angel - Equator - Need Help

    a first timer here i have done and tried to search on growing in tropical countries, but it seems the most tropical people discuss about is around Australia and Florida. But I live really really near the equator, so i am wondering if theres anything i need to look out for. However there arent...
  3. Herbies Seeds

    Seeds Back in Stock at Herbies - 14th December 2015

    Back in stock.. Tropical Kushmatic Autoflowering Seeds Tropical Red Afro Fems Connoisseur Chemmy Jones Holy Smoke Pink Cadillac Fems Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems Simply Female Spineapple Fems Kannabia Gnomo Autos Mandala Satori Top Tao Auto Mix #1
  4. T

    ambitious project

    I live in semi arid(lowish humidity) tropical conditions and have access to a pot farmer. I wish to cultivate the correct seeds for him and basically perform genetic infiltration of landraces. My local landraces tend to be denser side of Sativa's ,have very strong fruit smell but take ages to...
  5. T

    Indoor/Outdoor Mix - Soil - RQS Skunk XL - Grow Journal - 2015

    Hi guys, This is my first time growing. Here are some information: Seed: Royal Queen Seed Feminized Skunk XL Gen Background: Skunk Indoor height: 60-100cm Outdoor height: 160-200cm Blend: 50 Sativa, 50 Indica Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (tropical) Temperature: 21-33 celcius...
  6. G

    I need help

    Hello, all, thanks for reading. This is about to get a little specific. I need a good strain that can withstand a lot of rainfall, water-wise, and strength-wise, and heat ranging from 75-95F during the day, and 68-80 during the night. Since my location is just at the equator, we have 12/12...
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