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trouble shooting

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    Diagnosing plant problem

    Hey guys, new grower here, so bear with my inexperience. I need your help. I have 8 plants in veg state at the moment, and everything was going well. I'm growing in a wick system, using peat moss and GH floragrow and micro as nutrient (both mixed @1 tsp. To gal. As per instructions)...
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    trichome problem

    I have a sativa dominate pineapple express that has been flowering for 14 weeks and hardly has any trichomes. What am I doing wrong?! I have heard that some strains can take up to 18 or even 22 weeks to finish, but this has me extremely worried that I've spent 14 weeks flowering crap! It stinks...
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    Question for experts

    I have ben growing for over 7 years with much success. I have grown many different strains and have never ran into a problem i cannot figure out.(until now). I have been with my recent strain for over 2 yrs and it has went through many changes all for the positive due to tweeking my nutes and...
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