1. B

    Need advice with my plant

    Hey, so i've been growing this autoflower bud for around 55 days. A while back, I realized some symptoms of the nutrient burn, but also some other symptoms that looks more like a set deficiency. The plant always looks droopy (under-watered) and quite often top stems start bending down, even...
  2. Pantagruel

    Buying seeds online?

    What's the feeling about buying seeds online? I'm ok with buying nutes and lights and tents, but I have always drawn the line at seeds. I'd rather make a special trip and do a cash purchase than ship to my home. I'm having trouble finding Lemon Diesel, and I'm thinking, "I gotta have those...
  3. GrizzWald

    Trouble uploading photos

    Sorry if in wrong spot, mod please move if so.. Uploading photos on iPhone.. goes from the initial upload process to a blank screen..
  4. A

    Trouble growing indoors

    Hello i'm having much trouble growing indoors. Im growing in a 1.50-1.80m tent 400 hps light + a led 135w i haven't got an extraction for air (notice that i air the tent as i open it next too my window every day) im using coco soil + perlite soil + i add some extra coco . I started of...
  5. B

    Trouble guessing male or female - Probably just not seeing the signs!

    Hello I have been growing this plant for a little while and at this point in time it is 11 days into flowering and I have trouble guessing plants gender! I'm 90% sure that it is a male but i want to hear someone else's opinion so that i don't throw away a perfectly good plant! Thanks in...
  6. M

    Cloning troubles - please help

    Hi. I just got an aeroponic cloner and have tried to switch to using this method. So far nothing has been successful. From looking at what happens I have an idea of what goes wrong, but being new to aeroponics I'm not sure what to do. The clones do well for about 5-7 days. After that the...
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