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  1. 20210518170557__MG_2974-02.jpeg


    Sexxpot with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express SP2 - Seedling/Veg Day 2
  2. 20210518165903__MG_2964-01.jpeg


    Pinkman Goo with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express PG1 - Seedling/Veg Day 2
  3. 20210518170450__MG_2973-01.jpeg


    Sexxpot with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express SP1 - Seedling/Veg Day 2
  4. 20210518_193224-01.jpeg


    Official @420 Magazine Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow with genetics by @Weed Seeds Express #1,2,3 - Veg Day 6 #7,8,9 - Veg Day 2
  5. 20210505_150021-01.jpeg


    TLO Double Batch ~ 27 gallons
  6. 20210505_125958-01.jpeg


    My version of TLO Supernatural Soil 2.2 mix
  7. 20210503_132958.jpg


    Here is my setup for getting soil into the compost tumbler. I put a large concrete tub underneath to save anything that comes out of the air holes. After mixing it quite a bit, I am surprised that not much was lost out of the holes.
  8. 20210503_142235.jpg


    @GeoFlora Nutrients added as the first amendment to my TLO base soil mix to start cooking.
  9. 20210503_133006.jpg


    DYI Soil "funnel" . I was some velcro straps to hold it down securely to the bin.
  10. BakedARea

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By BakedARea

    HAPPY 420 DAY Y'ALL!!! I was not expecting nor was I ready to start this journal tonight. I'll be damned if I don't keep my word about starting it when I got the seeds. That was today! With that said, a big ole California hug and huge thanks to @420 and the staff of :420: for having this...
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