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  1. S

    Is this 600w LED enough for 1 or 2 plants?

    Hey guys... First time grower here... this is my very first attempt, so I apologize if my little grow closet is messy or not set up correctly... so critique away if you see any concerns. I have just been letting the plant do the talking for me :)... BTW... this is a seed I got out of a...
  2. K

    My First Grow - 17 plants inside

    Go big or go home! Sitting under 2 MEIZHI 1200w LED's (1000 true watts). Will also be adding a Mars 600w series to complete this. All of my babies are planted in 5 gallon buckets. The leaves are looking green and monstrous.
  3. Ron Strider

    Cannabis-Infused Dog Munchies Planned By Canadian Pot Grower

    Turns out, this bud isn't just for you. True Leaf Medicine International Ltd., a small Canadian company operating in the country's fast-emerging marijuana industry, plans to sell dog chews containing cannabis extracts. True Leaf already makes hemp-seed infused products for dogs to ease...
  4. R

    Presenting myself

    Hello, I am a north american living in South America, my name is Ron as you can imagine and I am in my early 30s. I smoke cannabis when I am able to procure it and now I have begun to grow. I am in the process of my first grow, i have a grow journal but do not know how to add the grow journal...
  5. T

    Newb things I have learned

    decided to grow for medical reasons 2 years ago. arthritis pain and the only choice doctors give the side effects are worse than the pain. i started with tobacco. its legal to grow and gives experience with tiny seedling care, soil and nutrient concerns and allowed me to test lighting options...
  6. Jackalope

    Hanging out

    I always knew there was a reason that I never hung up my clothes. This is a closet's true calling.
  7. Doc Bud

    True Living Organics, Second Edition - A Review By Doc Bud

    It's always such a pleasure to read The Rev's take on organic, indoor growing. As an indoor grower with my own proprietary brand of organic nutrients and methods, it is especially interesting because of the opportunity to learn from others who are growing with biological methods, not to mention...
  8. S

    Mutated looking leaves

    Hey guys I have a 10 day old NL auto . She's on her 3rd set of true leaves now , but I noticed her second set of true leaves came with only two blades and I find this rather strange . Any gurus out there who are familiar with this sorta thing? Appreciate your replies
  9. K

    Please help regarding test

    Hello all, I know these question's have been done to death, but I was hoping someone can help in a kind of unique case. I have to take a drug test for a job (at a hospital) by the end of next week 3-31-17, I have not smoked in 8 days and before that it was once or twice a week for a few years...
  10. K

    BC: Hemp Treats To Middle Earth

    Dogs in New Zealand are about to get a taste of the North Okanagan. True Leaf Pet, a Vernon-based company that manufactures hemp dog treats, has entered into an agreement with a Christchurch, New Zealand, company. Starting in April, Liberty Premium Pet Products will distribute the chews to...
  11. CMJJMC2000

    Chilled Aerogardens - Auto's Fastberry & Pineapple Express - 500 True Watts Of LED

    I'm back! This will be my 4th grow in the chilled Aerogardens. To summarize; my last grows were all autos, as well, and they go as follows.......... #1 - 2 x Dwarf Low Flyer from Crop King Seeds - not very good, too much ruderalis present #2 - 1 x Med Gom 1.0 and 1 x Massive Midget - both...
  12. S

    PM and dehumidification & recirculation question

    Hi all, I have a sealed room operation, 12 lights in a 20x20 space, running minisplits and a quest 205 dehumidifier. The mini and dehumidifier have their drain lines recirculated to my RO tank allowing me to recapture a good deal of water daily. We noticed some PM in the room (will treat it...
  13. B

    New Auto CBD Cheese

    Anyone notice the new strain added recently?!? Auto CBD Cheese listed as 8% thc 8% CBD which at a true 1 to 1 ratio(if it is true, ud have to send a sample to lab to know for sure but nice to know they trying with the cbd strains) Wish this was up before I won that last contest, would have loved...
  14. J

    Slow growth?

    Three seeds planted same time, one is thriving and the other it surviving and other one in the middle. using a cupboard as grow room. Bout 1'x1.5', temp 27C and humidity around 40%. Small exhaust fan and oscillating fan intake fan. Using 3 23w, 100w equivalent daylight cfls, 1450 lumens each and...
  15. 4Dutchess

    Mason jars help cure?

    I think my medicine is better after sitting in a jar for 6 months? Is this true or my imagination??? Jesse
  16. T

    Is it male?

    Hi sorry if i post in wrong topick its my first post and first grow . plant is about 4 weeks old and as i'v read sex is showing after you switch to 12/12. I'm still in veg and should it show sings of sex? also I'v read about that if you create ideal conditions for your plants in 3-4 weeks in...
  17. P

    Is a 400W 250 true watt LED light too strong for my 30/18/36 inch grow tent?

    1 of the 3 fans in my galaxyhydro 300w 140 true watt led failed and i am thinking about replacing it and my x2 24w 14.8 true watt led grow bulbs with a 400W / 250 true watt led light. But i am a little concerned that it mite be to powerful for my grow tent since my grow tent is 30 inches wide 18...
  18. T

    Clone a clone?

    I would like to take clones off the growing plant because I don't have space for a dedicated "mother." Can I take clones from a cloned plant? Is there a limit to how many generations the genetics will remain true?
  19. B

    How long is the seedling phase for auto flower?

    So my white widow auto flower officially dropped it's shell off of its leaves on Monday and two true "Leaf fingers" emerged. Today checking the seedling the root system is far more developed now and is actively in the water (aerogarden) and I am seen the starts of other fingers at the center of...
  20. P

    Strange plants

    Is this natural? a plant with two tops or a seedling with 3 true leaves? thanks for reading.