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    What Presidential Candidates Think About Marijuana Policy And Legalization

    Marijuana supporters are not psyched with the direction the ongoing presidential campaign is taking, especially with the selection of Mike Pence and Tim Kaine as the vice-president candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively. Both VP candidates have publicly opposed...
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    Does Trump Disagree With Christie On Marijuana?

    Trenton - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Friday he would not use federal laws to eliminate legalized marijuana in states like Colorado. That puts him at odds with the stance peddled by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, considered to be Trump's possible pick for U.S. attorney...
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    What A Trump Presidency Would Mean For Marijuana Law Reform: Worry

    Last night's string of electoral primary victories for Republican candidate Donald Trump could go down as a pivotal point in US history. Like the 2000 Republican primaries that gave us George W. Bush, and his subsequent invasion of Iraq, the consequences of Trump's Super Tuesday wins may affect...
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    Where Do Donald Trump And Other Republicans Stand On Cannabis Use?

    With the Republican U.S. presidential candidates getting ready to take the stage at yet another debate Saturday evening, they should be preparing to discuss an issue of high importance: marijuana legalization. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, the front-runner in the GOP opinion polls...
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