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    Pink kush shot smelly girl fishy skunky tuna almost some pink showing seeing some signs of more cal needed starting at top colas. Some burn tips to know i am pushing them a bit as a noob .
  2. G


    Z7..... thoughts?.... worth trying?
  3. cbgb

    Start a grow journal help

    420 folks , hope you are all having a good day ......... i might be missing something.... trying to start a grow journal but can not seem to find "start a grow journal " ? ? thanks :Namaste:
  4. The Kult

    Thanks for acceptance from a tiny island in the Mediterranean

    Hi, thanks for membership. I'm 57 and live on a speck of an island in the Mediterranean Sea which is smaller than most growrooms, lol! Still, there's plenty of sun to go by but I still grow indoors for safety reasons. Trying out an auto cheese for the first time @ 18/6 at the moment. We'll...
  5. Ron Strider

    CA: Alleged Marijuana Growers Accused Of Trying To Bribe Siskiyou County Sheriff

    Two alleged marijuana growers are accused of attempting to bribe the Siskiyou County sheriff. Chi Meng Yang, 31, of Montague, and his sister, Gaosheng Laitinen, 36, of Mount Shasta View, were charged Thursday in federal court in Sacramento with conspiring to commit bribery, bribery of a...
  6. S

    New guy - Old guy

    Howya folks. Joined a couple days ago as I'm approaching the harvest of my first effort outside. Just trying to figure it all out in order not to ruin a nice result.
  7. H

    Trying to build my own grow box

    I am wanting to go hydro because it's better on space and I've always wanted to grow hydro. I see the supernova box and I really wanna make something like this. Should I basically just buy the same parts that are in it.? Should I buy the supernova it's self? Or should I not grow at all because...
  8. C

    New to forums - Hello all!

    Hi everyone, Jim here, growing a couple years now but just started trying rdwc.. Still looking for the secret combination.
  9. O

    New intro

    Hi everyone, how's it Growing..Ol school Trying my hand at growing indoors..in New Bedford Ma.. leukemia patient trying to get some good Bud or new term Flower..Lol....joint and blunt.. so many stains.my time was 5 the most . Looking for any advice with grow.. Next post will be my set...
  10. A

    Help trying to identify this bug

    How do i put a picture up
  11. Sun Valley

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Anybody ever tried this stuff? Everything I've read has been a good push towards trying it 10 Reasons Diatomaceous Earth Should Be Every Gardener's Best Friend
  12. L

    Hi Peoples!

    Hello, I am new here, obviously :) and thought i should stop in the introductions area. I'm Leslie, I live in Ontario and i have a prescription for my chronic migraines. I've been very pleased with the results so far, though i'm still looking for 'the one' if thats even possible, but i will...
  13. F

    First time grower - Help

    Hey guys I recently got ahold of this Blue Dream clone from a dispensary. I have had it for a couple of days and recently moved it to a small pot. I'm not sure if the plant is okay or not? I received it with brownish yellow tips on some of the leaves and some of the upper leaves are curling down...
  14. D

    Trying out my green thumb!

    Have a question for you guess. I have 4 strain hunters money makers. And 3 Barney farm red Dragon that I veged for 2 months bout to put outdoor how big of pot do I need to get a pound from each plant ? I'm useing a super soil mix and ro water .I also live in socal. I'm trying to fig out what's...
  15. W


    Good evening, I am Willimeana, and I am learning to like cannabis lol. I am using it for pain relief, as I suffer from acute chronic pain. Being green is against me, as I am trying to accomplish a clean pain therapy, on a very small budget.
  16. M

    Vitamin C

    Has anybody tried the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to dechorlinate their water? I've recently started trying it (500mg per 20 gallons). What were your results?
  17. K

    Newb from Regina, Sask

    hi. just ordered some white widow autoflowering seeds today. i've never grown anything in my life but i'll try my best lol. been reading up on it and just trying 10 seeds at first. thank you for letting me join the forum
  18. K

    ME: Belfast Passes Six-Month Ban On Marijuana-Related Businesses

    Belfast – The City Council on Jan. 3 gave a final stamp of approval to a six-month moratorium on new businesses related to recreational marijuana, which was legalized by Maine voters by statewide referendum in November. City officials say the moratorium will give them time to time understand...
  19. Killian


    Hi all. I am having difficulty trying to post.
  20. Dwight Monk

    Purple Kush Fem - CKS - Cabinet - LED - Soil - Grow

    Got some Purple Kush Feminized seeds from Crop King Seeds, still trying to sex my mystery plants and all that but thought I'd start one for this plant, as I know when I did what as I just started and have dates wrote down. LED and soil grow, as my 3rd grow (only one complete grow under my belt)...
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