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  1. S

    Sherm’s Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Diesel Organic Mars Hydro Grow

    Hello everyone! I got my seeds yesterday & I am looking to get started here with my girst grow & journal! I have been creeping around the forums here for over 10 years now... Unfortunately I rarely logged in or contributed, but all that is changing tonight. I have had the amazing opportunity of...
  2. Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Starting to get some amazing colors
  3. BubbleBucketz

    Growing Under Mars Hydro: Jelly Biscuit & Double Tap From Solfire

    Starting a new round of seeds and what better way to do it then with a new journal. I will be featuring a few different Mars-Hydro lights in this grow. Starting from the TS-1000 and working my way up through the different series of lights in various stages of growth. TS-1000 for seedlings and...
  4. All my mars items

    All my mars items

    I use all of these every single day and could not go without; the bag blocks all smells I can literally have a dank have blunt in my front pocket and talk to someone and they are none the wiser, the glasses are nice with blurple and white led especially with the extreme brightness of 2 TSL2000's
  5. My Current Setup

    My Current Setup

    The back left lady Wedding Cake and clockwise from there is Blue Dream, Afghan Hash, and White Widow
  6. My Current Setup

    My Current Setup

    My amazingly happy ladies basking under all the light coming off the 2 mars TSL2000's
  7. My Current Setup

    My Current Setup

    My amazingly happy ladies basking under all the light coming off the 2 mars TSL2000's
  8. 20200618_183916.jpg


    THE Mars Hydro Array
  9. IMG_20200301_192039.jpg


    Because no flash busted up bout to roll a blunt tonight .
  10. IMG_20200203_193019.jpg


    Pink kush cola she is huge pic doesn't show how big I say about size width of least a 500 ml bottle of water round and height .
  11. IMG_20200130_193455.jpg


    Pink kush holy moly Barneys farm thank you sooo much
  12. IMG_20200130_193528.jpg


    Week 8 flower Bruce bangers
  13. IMG_20191107_202924.jpg


    Bright quick get the shades out lol
  14. IMG_20191107_151914.jpg


    Loving these lights already Sara and team mars .
  15. IMG_20191022_151602.jpg


    Only if the shirt could make me have a six pack again. Super comfy new mars hydro long sleeve sweater . Thank you Sara and team mars hydro.
  16. G

    Abandoned GreenDhumb's First Grow: Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Feminized With Mars Hydro TSL2000

    Hey all. This will be both my introductory post to the forums and the first post of my journal.. Have been a user of this fine herb medically and recreationally for 15 years now and recently moved into our new home and decided why not save some money and have some fun while doing it by doing...
  17. KingJoe83

    Completed King's Indoor Mars Hydro TSL2000 LED Cree Pink Kush, Blueberry, Bruce Banger Fems Coco

    Well this run I will be trying advanced nutrients pH perfect trio with GH cal mag 1-0-0 vodoo juice and enzyme cleaner time to time. Ph down ph pen ppm meter and tap water. I will be aiming for 4 -3 gal pots fabric with two one gal pots. Tent is vivosun 3x3x6 with a 12 inch oscillating fan...
  18. Mars Hydro

    Mars Hydro TSL-2000 Combo Sale, 2 Lights for 300USD

    Hey growers! Mars Hydro here again! :green_heart: Today, I would like to introduce our new promotion: :yahoo: In order to celebrate our countries' 70s anniversary, it is big in China, we are holding a promotion here. :) Thank you all for the long time trust and support, so that Mars Hydro can...
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