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  1. D

    Urgent! What water pump size for Top Feed system?

    I have 40 gallon reservoirs underneath 3x6 trays with 250GPH active aqua water pumps using 1/2" tubing and 1/4" feeding tubes.. Each tray = 20-24 plants. Problem is, a few of the 1/4" feeding tubes aren't flowing any water so I'm wondering... should I just stick to working with valves for the...
  2. T

    CFLs or fluorescent tubes?

    Hi, I'm doing a stealth grow, and I've decided to use fluorescent tubes/CFLs due to the low heat output, high light output, and low cost. Since I am growing in a small space, obviously the most compact solution would be best, which points me towards fluorescent tubes instead of CFLs...
  3. P

    New person with fluorescent light question

    Hi from edmonton. I have some 80w h/o t5 ballasts. It is difficult to obtain 5' tubes for them. Any suggestions such as wiring 2 lesser wattage tubes in series of equal wattage or over driving two tubes in series at less then 80 watts? I am growing edible vegitables in a deep water hydro I built...
  4. BostonGreen

    Switching H.O T5 tubes too LED t5's Any good?

    Hey guys.... i run LED during flower and have had great results with it.. my question is, has anyone ever bought those LED tubes that take the place of a T5 tube?? I have 8 4' T5's in my veg room and they get real real hot.. So i have to under power my system and only run 4 of the 8 tubes...