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  1. Fsanti1226

    Frank's Second Time Around - Ebb & Flo

    Hello 420 family! Back again with another go at this whole growing thing lol. Been loving every minute of it and just trying to keep learing new things and to always remain teachable and thank you for all your knowledge 420 fam! I was always taught that if someone thought that they knew...
  2. 4

    DIY: Making Fabric Pots Rigid

    Well, not quite. Biggest problem I've found with the fabric pots is that you can't drill holes in the lip for training your plants. I had some 1/4" soaker hose lying around, and decided to try and make a frame for the pot, to help maintain shape and have something to tie down to. It seems...
  3. Nutria

    Help me design a RDWC system

    Hello growers! After a single bucket dwc grow and a coco/perlite grow i decide to step up and try a sog grow (clones) in a RDWC system. Let me start saying that here where I live it is hard to find the right equipment. My grow space is 2x2ft (4.6ft height) and I want to fit 9 buckets inside...