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  1. M

    Twisting leaves and pH levels - Help

    One of my plants in a 100 gallon smartpot outdoor is showing some leaf twisting, and an extremely slight yellowing (it mean all but barely noticeable). I have been on a good feeding schedule with Sea Blast from Earth Juice. I just PH'ed my soil and my runoff: Soil is at 6.59 and runoff...
  2. L3arcode

    Please help weird leaf twisting

  3. G

    6 weeks veg - Now this?

    Northern Lights in soil. 60 watt CFL at night, placed outside during the day. 6 weeks of into veg things were looking good. Now top leaves are twisting and feel dry. Any ideas what is ailing this one?
  4. S

    Need help - spots holes yellow

    I had this a little more descriptive but my phone just deleted itall so hers it summed up. Distilled water ph about 6..liquid tester. 90w ufo with cfl's dwc. Northern lights 750ppm 3 part flora. keeps going up so i keep dropping it more. 75 degree rez Water. I thought there was something wrong...
  5. danza

    Hello people...

    I have a problem and i'm hoping you can help. I have been growing my plant indoors since 4th October and i've just noticed these marks appearing on my plant someone mentioned phosphorous defiecency. Please a second, third and fourth opinion. The leaves are twisting a bit and as you can see from...
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