1. George Mc

    Is it okay for me to prune?

    Is it okay to prune the girls? The plants are about 7 weeks old and they are two weeks into 12 / 12.
  2. Th3Grow3rNooB

    LED Blurple & COB Mix

    Hey guys, looking to get another light for the grow room, have already got two Vira 300 LEDS, was going to get a 3rd. Question, could i get a COB and chuck it in the middle ? If so, would it have to be same power ? Kind of a silly question maybe as i just thought of course i could, but would it...
  3. M

    Didn't think I would but need advice

    I really wish that I documented this grow but this NL appeared to be the weakest of three so I left it by the window, it wilted two times and was a seedling for a month before I started to care for it. Now it seems that it is about to yield more than the two previous together.. :) I have been...
  4. H

    Herbshuttles Indoor Coco Coir Purple Kush Grow

    I'm growing two crop king Purple Kush babies in coco coir with 20-30% perlite in a 4x4 grow tent. Starting seedlings in solo cups and I'm going transplant when they are big enough into 5 gallon smart pots. All water will be pH'd at 5.8-6.2, filtered tap. It's hard water at 139 ppm so I'm going...
  5. HayStack

    How much is too much?

    Since moving to a 4x4 tent. I'm trying to figure out what the best lighting would be. At first I had two LED's. One is a GlaxyHydro 300 watt and the other is a ViparSpectra PAR 600 watt. They were in the center of the tent. The GalxyHydro in the front and the ViparSpectra in the back. The only...
  6. C

    Harvest Time Help

    Hello I am raising four ak48. There are many worries about the timing of harvesting. Plant growth seems to be slow because of excessive LST. I planted seed on September 7, 12/12 on November 10th. Two plants have turned red hair. The other two plants still have white hair. I saw the...
  7. F

    Mixed nutes for soil grow

    I was wondering if there is a problem mixing nutes and ph water a day or two in advance of feeding?Thanks for your time in advance
  8. ckenney82

    PH In & Runoff PH Question

    The feeding today went very well. My combined runoff after feeding my two oldest 1.5 ltr and my two others 1 ltr I got a runoff of 1 ltr I was able to get a clear sample of runoff after I let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Runoff came back at 5.5 and Ph of my Feed was 6.2. Can anyone tell me...
  9. J

    Is it too late?

    Hello, I am new here and I just started to grow. I have one plant that I can't tell you much about. I found a seed in a previous bag I bought and decided to plant the seed, which then got the wheel in my head rolling. I purchased seeds, a grow tent (4'x4'x12'), soil, and nutrients (from Flower...
  10. Ron Strider

    CA: Deputies Bust Two Marijuana Growing Operations In Rancho Cucamonga

    San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies in Rancho Cucamonga investigating tips about suspicious activity at two homes said they seized 1,520 marijuana plants and two pounds of marijuana on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Deputies also found evidence that electricity was being stolen by bypassing the meter...
  11. M

    Greetings from the 6ix

    Hello, My name is Al and I write to you from Canada. I've been enjoying the sacred plant for over 20 years, but this is my first time attempting to growing my own meds. Already 6 weeks into veg, and faced with my first trials and tribulations. Hoping to get some valuable insight from this...
  12. J

    Newbie grow

    New grower. Two weeks from harvest.
  13. Ron Strider

    Howard County's First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Ready To Open

    Howard County will soon be home to two medical marijuana dispensaries, as the state's first licensed dispensary locations begin to open their doors. Remedy Columbia and Greenhouse Wellness in Ellicott City are set to open in the coming weeks to bring residents some of Maryland's first legal...
  14. DaddyKush

    Topping & Pinching

    I've always been under the impression that only the central part of the plant can be topped (and topped multiple times) to produce two new bud-producing shoots every time. I read somewhere today that even the side branches can be topped to produce two new shoots. Is this true? Has anyone ever...
  15. R

    How tall should plants be after two weeks - Mine are only 2"

    . This is my first grow. I have two plants that are two weeks old and are about the same size. I think they look healthy but they are only 2 inches tall. From what I've read they should be about 8 inches tall. They are both auto flowering feminized Northern Light (Northern Storm) by...
  16. Ron Strider

    NY: Marijuana Charge Against Miles Plumlee Dismissed

    A marijuana-possession charge against Miles Plumlee was dismissed recently, and the Hawks center faces no discipline by the NBA or the team. Plumlee was arrested Aug. 20 in Shelter Island on New York's Long Island. He was issued a field-appearance ticket for misdemeanor marijuana possession...
  17. Teddy Edwards

    BudMaster Blue Moon2 LED Grow Light Review: 420 Magazine Review By Aaron Quix

    A very big thanks to Budmaster for sharing their gear with us for this review! Here’s a company who’s goal isn’t only to sell lights, but also to solve customers’ problems. They’ve introduced a concept that addresses a niche in the market - Mother plants and Early Vegetative Propagation. The...
  18. F

    White Widow

    Hi everyone I'm new here and am on my third grow.But this time all legal in Canada. I purchased 10 white widow femed seeds and all sprouted. I really only wanted 8 plants but have ten growing real nice I'm currently in week six of veg and my plants are about two feet tall. I am planning to...
  19. Whitstone

    Just need a bit of help

    I am growing 5 Auto Flowers for the frist time 4X Auto Speed Buds and 1X Amnisea. My Question is do they look healthy for being 3 weeks and what type of nutrients would I go and buy myself. I must admit I have made two mistakes 1 being I rip half a leaf off when I was watering ( not paying...
  20. Ron Strider

    UK: Inside The Drug Farms Where £1.2M Worth Of Cannabis Was Being Cultivated

    A cannabis grower from Machynlleth has been jailed for his role in a major national drug distribution network worth £1.2 million. Mark John Roberts of Pencaemawr, Penegoes, near Machynlleth will serve two years four months in jail after being found guilty of cultivating the plant at two...
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