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  1. BTzGrow

    Do I have a problem

    I've got a indoor grow with a single plant. Using soil FoxFarm Mother Earth(new product for them, given to me as a sample). My water is 6.7pH. Recently potted from a 6" square plastic when the roots started poking out the holes, to a 5 gal Root Pouch. Typical Temp when the light is on is low...
  2. K

    One Of The Big Questions In Marijuana Research Has Been Answered

    0.32 grams. That's how much marijuana is in the typical American joint, according to a rigorous statistical analysis recently published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence by drug policy researchers Greg Ridgeway of the University of Pennsylvania and Beau Kilmer of the Rand Corp...
  3. T

    LOL - What am i growing?

    I found some tiny sprouts growing in the soil of my mj plant so i thought id start veggin em for the next grow. They looked exactly same as when i sprouted real mj seeds but now i dont know what iv been veggin.. Its been 4 weeks.. There are No typical mj fan leaves nor do they look like they...