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  1. VaporStore

    VaporStore - While Supplies Last! The UFO Unnamed Filtration Object

    While supplies last! The UFO Water Filtration Device from Magic Flight. UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) by Magic Flight - Our latest accessory was developed by our fearless leader of contraptions, Magic-Flight's founder. His vision was to have a stealthy, portable bubbler for on-the-go...
  2. T


    whats a good distance for my lights to be when plants are seedlings lights are 300w led says 20 to 30 inches and a 300 ufo have 4 5gallon with autos thank you for the help everyone
  3. WOLFtick3t

    WYZM Budget LED 180W UFO and 360W panel

    Hello all, Wanted to mention the LED's I've been using as I couldn't find any info on them anywhere (other than the manufacturer, of course). Photos in my grow journal and I'll stick one or two here: I bought both mine on Amazon. The UFO in mid-October for $135 before tax and the panel...
  4. M

    Matticusss Hydro Big Bang AF Grow Journal 2015

    Hey all, I have been watching and reading grow logs for a few years now and decided to do my first hydro grow and document online the whole journey. First I would like to thank True North Seed Bank, located in Canada. My first online seed order started rocky but ended up great. I ordered from...
  5. B

    Northern Light Auto - LED UFO 90W + LED 20W - Soil - 2nd Grow

    Hi stoners & growers all around the world :Namaste: :welcome: In september 2014 one of my friend brought me a NYC diesel feminized from Amsterdam. I decided growing it and got me really interested into the growing process. Especially that at that time i was in grade 12 biology classes. I was...
  6. J

    J5's First Grow - Northern Lights - Hempy - UFO LED - Mainlined

    This is a journal of my very first grow. Many mistakes were made, but compared to gardening outside this was the healthiest plant I've ever grown (no bugs). Pictures begin first week of flowering stage. 3.5 Gallon Hempy Bucket $4 Perlite / Vermiculite / Hydroton mix $15 180w (90w actual)...
  7. S

    2 x 225W LED UFO - Pink Kush

    2x 225 w growblu ufo 32x32 tent 1x pink kush strain. Peat mose and perlite for soil. Gerneral hydroponics nutes. Super croped mother plant being flowered with a few clones rooting.
  8. C

    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant

    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant. Its a nirvana seeds autoflower feminized bubblicious and doing it in fox farms ocean forest. Also doing DNA seeds cannalope kush and Northern lights x blueberry in a separate tent under 250w hps still the same fox farms ocean forest soil but doing the...
  9. MOMO420

    1st Grow: Midnight Kush, Black Widow, Cream Caramel, etc.

    So, i have 8 plants that are 4 weeks into Flowering. Got 3 Midnight Kush, 2 Cream Caramel, Warlock, Chronic, & a Black Widow. & 8 clones, 1 of each. About 4 weeks ago, i switched from a 400-watt light to LEDs. Started off with 2 UFOs, now i have 6. Ok, guess that's the basics. Gonna show u...
  10. G

    my intro

    I am turning 54 yrs old in a couple of weeks. I have been smokin for about 37 yrs now. I have grown a considerable amount of weed in my time. I have an appt. tomarrow with a doctor to obtain a med. MJ card, mostly because I am tired of dealing with unreliable seller hassles and it is a legal...
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