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    UK grow temp drop & plant still not ready

    Hi everyone, I moved back to the UK from the Canary Islands last year and bought a few of my seeds back with me. Thought i'd give growing a go here and I've got a nice little White Widow who I pretty much left alone through the summer, with the occasional nutes. Although October has been...
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    Abandoned First Grow UK, 9 Critical Impact, 1 Cherry Amnesia

    Hi everyone So I have recently joined the site as I've been coming here to research info for my first grow so I thought I'd share my experience to help others in my position and gain any advice along the way. So if you guys will be patient with me as I'm new to forums and growing that would...
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    New grower here, seriously need help/direction

    Is this right? I have a plant, found a seed in a bag I'd bought and thought why not, I haven't a clue what it is and all the searches I do leave me soooooo confused as to what I should be doing, they all seem plant specific, can anyone help me here, preferrably from the uk as I'm there...
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