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    Any connecticuteers with gastro issues out there

    Hey there I was wondering if there was any other connecticut residents suffering from gastro issues as I am and using marijuana for relief, hoping to find and make some new friends and swap possible ideas, recipes and such. I have ulcers, reflux, intestinal pain, and have found relief only in...
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    Cannabis butter and peanut butter help

    Im looking for help with making some infused butter. I've tried cooking the butter directly with marijuana with little potency along with the same results with peanutbutter. I need something extremely potent, I have looked up other methods some dealing with boiling the plant material prior to...
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    Need help bee honey recipie

    Hey there, I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm a marijuana user for medical purposes due to my digestive problems. Well the thing is Im a huge fan of drinking tea and honey especially after I smoke it helps the throat big time but I've been doing research with no avail. I want to be able to...
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