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  1. medhatgrower

    DIY RDWC setup: I'd appreciate your input

    I'm building a new DIY RDWC build. Should it be: (a) just like the picture in the attachment... (b) kind of like the attachment, but 2 bulkheads on each bucket (c) more like a "Current Culture" kind of setup with an undercurrent... (d) try this...
  2. J

    Humidity control

    So I have 5 10x20 grow tents with the 32 slight undercurrent set up running 8000 watts led with 932 cfm exousting outside 932 cfm on low for intake my room outside the tents is around 73 degrees with 12.5 tons of ac and have 2 ultra aire 205 dehumidifiers running and they say 50 %rh but in my...
  3. J

    New Grow Setup Help

    I Have a new shop that is 30' deep by 60' long and 12' high. I am thinking of using the under current system. I have a problem with always trying to buy the biggest and best lol. I hate buying things that suck and break. That being said i was trying to figure out how to use the 35 pro for my veg...
  4. C

    600 Watt Undercurrent Hydro - 1200 Watt Coco - 10x10x8 First Timer

    This is my first time growing. I built a 10x10x8 room. I split that room in half. So in one 5x10, i built a 4 plant undercurrent system that only takes up 5x5. The controller bucket is 20 gals, the 4 plants r in 10gals. Im running the full canna aqua line for veg and bloom. They r vegging under...
  5. farmer.ed

    Undercurrent DWC Grow Journal

    I see a lot of people are still a bit confused between DWC and recirculating DWC. I will set up and run a negative pressure recirculating deep water culture system NOT standard bucket type DWC. I hope to provide a bit of info to show how easy it is to run one of these systems and to obtain...
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