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  1. J

    New Grow Setup Help

    I Have a new shop that is 30' deep by 60' long and 12' high. I am thinking of using the under current system. I have a problem with always trying to buy the biggest and best lol. I hate buying things that suck and break. That being said i was trying to figure out how to use the 35 pro for my veg...
  2. C

    600 Watt Undercurrent Hydro - 1200 Watt Coco - 10x10x8 First Timer

    This is my first time growing. I built a 10x10x8 room. I split that room in half. So in one 5x10, i built a 4 plant undercurrent system that only takes up 5x5. The controller bucket is 20 gals, the 4 plants r in 10gals. Im running the full canna aqua line for veg and bloom. They r vegging under...
  3. farmer.ed

    Undercurrent DWC Grow Journal

    I see a lot of people are still a bit confused between DWC and recirculating DWC. I will set up and run a negative pressure recirculating deep water culture system NOT standard bucket type DWC. I hope to provide a bit of info to show how easy it is to run one of these systems and to obtain...
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