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  1. Ron Strider

    NY: Long Island Man Accused Of Living Underground With $100K Of Marijuana Plants

    Authorities made a big marijuana bust on Long Island. Suffolk County Sheriff Chief Michael Sharkey told WCBS 880's Sophia Hall the marijuana farm was underneath a utility storage building on a dirt road in Manorville. Donald Guichard allegedly lived underground with 100 live plants and 30...
  2. P

    Large underground grow room

    Hi everyone, My Brother and I have been talking about growing our own weed but have been stuck for somewhere to grow it as we have both decided to grow it outside. Well as luck would have it the other day we stumbled across an old, what we suspect to be WW2 bunker of some sorts. Anywho the...
  3. M

    Curing underground?

    Is it possible to bag up and put bud in a storage container like a cooler or airtight lock box and bury it to cure it. I couldn't find any stories of this and was wondering if anyone has tried it or think that it will work. any help would be appreciated. Also what would work best for storage...
  4. C

    Malawi cobs, underground curing

    wsup every1, I read a great article in skunk about underground curing (malawi cobs) and was wondering if any1 has tried this? Or smoked any herb cured this way? I will be doing a half a pound of my harvest this way so I will be able to give a smoke report in about 8 months as the cobs take 6...
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