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  1. C

    Why Does F1 Hybrid Vigour Occur?

    Hello Denizens, I find this whole topic of F1 Hybrid Vigour, particularly interesting. I understand what F1 Hybrid Vigour is, as a description of its effect. And I understand under what circumstances it will happen. What i don't understand, is 'why' ? Why does F1 Hybrid Vigour occur ? The...
  2. 4

    Help With Clones

    Hello...I have been reading a lot of the posts.Great info.I am new to all of this and really need a very simple fool proof way for cloning. I don't understand the lingo associated with the cloning. Could some one please break it down for this 53 year old Chick,so I can start some clones!I have...
  3. HashGirl

    Woohoo! I'm legal!

    :woohoo: Just got my MMJ licence in Ontario, Canada and I'm very happy. My prescription is quite generous and I didn't have to pay any fees to get it. I'll be trying strains for insomnia/sleeplessness, anxiety and pain relief for the most part. Super psyched. :yahoo: I was wishing 420 had...