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  1. G

    First Grow!

    Hi all, I'm 13 days into my first Grow. I have 2 Fem auto magnum buddha seeds 11 litre pots with plant magic soil. Getting about 11 hours direct sunlight daily. Been watering gently with a spray bottle Increased water today by pouring 2 litres each and won't water again until soil has dried. I...
  2. Y

    Limp cannabis plant! Dying, please help!

    My cannabis plant started going limp about 2 days ago, at first it wasn’t that bad, but in 1 day it went really really south, the leaves are almosy completely limp. I suspect that i was overwatering it. Will it come back to normal if i just water less?
  3. moderngroroom

    Droopy leaves? Help please

    strain-2 critical purple 2 northern lights critical purple-90%indica 10% ruderalis northern lights-80%indica/ 10% sativa/ 10% ruderalis phase - flower phase - 1 week indoor grow soil- fox farm ocean forest pots -3 gallons inline fan temps - 77/81 depending on daytime temps they jump around...
  4. M

    Having bit of an issue some advice would greatly be appreciated

    I have a 4x3 ft grow room with 2 critical purple auto and 2 northern lights auto.. for my lights im using a optic 4 led full spectrum. Im using fox farm ocean forest for my medium straight out the bag no added perlite or anything. My planters are the smart pots fabric 3 gallon pots.. my critical...
  5. J

    9 day old auto in jiffy pellet leaves curling badly - Help please

    Hello friends, this is my first grow and any advice is welcomed. I can't upload attachments yet, here are the photos: Imgur: The magic of the Internet Imgur: The magic of the Internet Here is my setup: - Seed: Industiral Plant CBD Auto - Medium: Jiffy Pellet for now...
  6. S

    Extreme underwatering - are my plants dead? :(

    Hi guys Im shocked, devostated. I have 4 plants, day 6 of flowering. Aperantly yesterday i didnt check them carfully enough and today when the lights turned on - 2 of them look absoloutly dead. feel like crying. I just watered them with nutes and sprayed 0.3ml of REVIVE. PLEASE tell me...
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