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    Seedling Looking Unhealthy: Help

    Currently babysitting 3 seedlings for my father and one of which is displaying symptoms that the others aren't. In the last 1-2 days this has happened: - 2 bottom leaves are yellowing - Top 2 are drooping. - Zooming in you can also see there is slight darkening at all the edges. - Growth stopped...
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    Day 11 - Any Problem with the Plant? - Help!

    Hi everyone! I wonder If there are any problems on the leaves of the plant? Is it Unhealthy? Plant Disease? Please help. I use 125w CFL Lamp. Day 11
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    Continual Plant Problems

    Hi Guys Long time reader first time poster. I've read through the stickies so hopefully this post is all in order. Strain - Sativa # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Veg Indoor Hydro Fan - yes Reservoir size 10L Reservoir Temperature 22*C Medium - Clay Pebbles Setup - Water Pump...
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    Leaves dying and falling - Cannot find solution - pH 6.4 - Indoor - Please help!

    Hello all, would anyone know what the cause of this is? Grow in soil - bat guano - california vermicompost Mixture Leaves turning brown and falling. (Please see 3 pics up, and 1 below. All from same plant)
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    Sick seedling help

    Hi everyone can anyone help me out with my seedlings they popped a couple days ago and they look real unhealthy. here is a photo https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/image3851.jpg
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