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  1. PurpleGunRack

    Build Your Own LED Grow Light

    - Do you want the best technology available? - Do you want a good light/heat ratio? - Do you want value for your money? - Are you tired of companies trying to push sub par tech? - Would you like honest recommendations for what type/amount of light is best for growing cannabis...
  2. F

    Am I dumb?

    I have just purchased a Superpro AC-2 Environment controller after reading that it controls Temp , Humidity, and Lighting, ok thats kool, I understand how to set Temp levels, Humidity levels, dead bands etc I get that bit . Now there are four plug outlets, Two on the left of the unit. Two on the...
  3. coralman

    Portable A/C unit help

    Hi summers kicking in here and my tent is reaching 35c/100f due to ambient temps being so high. Set up is - roof qube 5x5 1000w cool tube dimmable 8" rhino fan and pro filter Vented into unused chimney flue Passive intake...
  4. J

    What LED unit should I consider buying?

    Hey im gonna upgrade to LED from CFL and i was wondering if i should get 1 600 watt unit or 2 300watt units and who has the best deals on LED? Btw my flower space is 6ft long, 2ft wide and 10ft tall.
  5. H

    Galaxyhydro 300w to 3950 conversion - Have questions

    Hey guys, inspired by other threads on this forum I have attempted to convert a mediocre blurble GH led into a nice dimmable cree build... the unit had 3 60-90 volt 500ma drivers in them, so i initially ordered three 72 volt 3590 chips.. fanleaf made me realize this wouldnt be quite the light i...
  6. I

    Lighting question - First time grow

    Hi. I have made a grow box and the dimensions are 3 ft high 1 1/2 ft wide and 2 ft deep. I am going to try a combo of LED lights with T5s. I am just wondering what size of LED unit to get. I am completely new to growing so I dont want to get to big a unit that wont fit in my box or light burn...
  7. T

    Air con question

    Hey guys I'm about 3 weeks into flower and can't get the humidity sorted. It sits at about 45-60%, temps are ok, tend to go no further than 30oc, night time humidity is the issue. I bought an air con unit with dehumidifier but can't get it sorted. If I use the dry option on the unit it the...
  8. B

    Suggestions for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring with Remote Sensors

    Ok guys, I am running into some problems. I have two separate Acu-Rite units that I have attempted to use to monitor my tents. The first unit monitors temperature only with high and low alarms and the second monitors temperature and humidity with one remote sensor. The problem is that both of...
  9. cannilingus

    DWC Question

    Hi all! hope all are well, in this new year! I have been doing soil/soiless, for about 8 years now. I am going to try, dwc. A qwestion. Does haveing a zillion tiny bubbles, help grouth, anymore, in a five gallon unit, than, say, just straight air, thru the 1/2 inch fitting? I looked at a...
  10. D

    Fine line?

    Need advice, grower in Oregon, info I have says legal to grow 4 plants per residence, residence being any dwelling with an address. I rent several warehouses in one area. Two have one street address with unit A and unit B that gives me 4 legal addresses I think/hope! Can I grow 16 plants in one...
  11. P

    Phenom's Babysitting Duties

    Hi all and welcome to my first experiance of a real life cannabis plant. I'll start with the basics of my new setup. 0.5m x 0.5m x 1ml tall black orchid tent. Lighting is supplied by a Mars hydro 400w LED unit 4" carbon filter and 105 cfm fan Temps have settled nicely at 25 and RH is 55%...