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unknown seeds

  1. Blazingbuds

    Blazingbuds' CFL & LED Soil Grow - Unknown Strain

    Hey guys, welcome to my grow! Now let me start by saying i have ZERO experience with growing; but I've been lurking here as a guest for months. Before i get any comments, I'm seriously lacking on the grow equipment, I know. Recently, I picked up some Medical Cannabis, and there was a very...
  2. G

    1st Grow - Unknown Seeds - Comments & Suggestions Welcome!

    Hey everyone, newbie here. Thought ill start a grow journal to get some help on problems I may run into and mostly comments and suggestions u guys may have for me. Thanks Time---1am (day 16) Strain-----Unknown Method-----Hydroponic Location---Indoor/growbox Medium----Rockwool, Clay pellets...
  3. X

    The Frugal Growmet cherry poppin grow

    Hello fellow friends of raising Mary Jane. This is my first shot at growing indoors. Background: I started last year by planting a seed I found in a bag outside in my vegetable garden. She grew like a monster. After she hit 3 feet tall I bent the stock so it grew sideways and every branch...